My favorite training products

Please note, this page is ever-evolving
These are products I bought with my own $ and products I absolutely couldn't do without!

  1. Nathan Handheld Water Bottle (image source)You can read my full review here. This bottle has had so much use it's getting quite battered, but it's holding up excellently! Being adequately hydrated is CRUCIAL when long distance running. It can get quite hot here in CA, so having hydration is important. This bottle fits nice and snug in my hand (I hardly notice it while running) and holds 22 ounces of liquid. The pocket it also convenient; I can stuff 2.5 packs of Clif Shot blocks in there. It's also a great place to stash keys/credit card/ID when you run. You can buy one here.
  2. The Recovery Sock

    I used to get shin splints, and these socks helped a lot. I run in them for my long runs (13 plus miles), and slip them on whenever my shins hurt, feel tired, or my ankles are swelling (from work or from exercise). I often sleep in them before a big race (I have two pairs). I will also wear them on the bike, esp if I am doing a brick workout. They can be purchased online here, but they are often at marathon Expos. Plus, the guys working the expos are super friendly!

  3. Garmin 305This one's pretty self explanatory. I love my Garmin. I can't imagine running or riding my bike without it. Tells me pace, HR, calories burned, distance, etc. I can program when I want it to beep, when to do intervals, etc. Definitely kicked up my training up a notch. Also great for racing so you know exactly where you are in the race; if you need to slow down, pick up the pace, etc. And for less than $150.00, I think its the best deal out there. I honestly don't see the point in getting the $400+ ones; I mean, I'm not competing to win the Ironman or anything!
  4. Salonpas Pain Relief PatchI absolutely LOVE these things. So. Very. Much. So much better and longer lasting than any of those muscle rub creams/gels/lotions and potions. Just a flexible, nude colored patch that sticks on your skin to provide long lasting relief to sore muscles, tired muscles, knotted muscles. I often sleep with one on my right shoulder/shoulder blade area. When I wake up, I feel SO much better. Or, when my ITB flares up a little bit, I will slap it onto my quad. The smell is minimal and not offensive. The adhesives work well, and as long as you don't try to shower in it, it will stay on. I love these things! And SOOOO much better than popping multiple ibuprofen pills!
  5. Foam Roller

    The best $25 I ever spent. Saved my legs!
  6. O.N.E. Coconut Water (image source)
    I especially like the guava flavor. Coconut water is like, Nature's Sports Drink. When I can afford it, this is my hydration of choice for my runs. You can read my review of coconut water here. For more information about the benefits of coconut water check out their website.
  7. Ear Plugs (image source)
    So unassuming yet so incredibly effective. Can't swim without it.
  8. Body Glide (image source)
    Unless you like inner-thigh blisters.... or worse! I highly suggest applying this product liberally. EVERYWHERE. Including nips. Trust me. You can learn more at their website. For the Bike, I use a cream called Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle. I bought it on It works well, and it has a slight cooling menthol sensation. When I am out of Body Glide, I will use the Chamois Butt'r on my runs.

  9. Duct TapeYah. Duct Tape. This will save your life if you get blisters on your feet. And trust me. You will get blisters. What you do is this:
    • Cover blister with a piece of plastic bag, just slightly larger than your blister (I cut out pieces from a Ziploc bag, or just those white plastic bags from the grocery store)
    • Cut out a piece of paper towel twice as long as your blister and fold it in half
    • Place over plastic over blister
    • Secure in place with duct tape
      The measurements do NOT have to be precise at all. Just eyeball it. The whole process should take a max of two min. And this stuff works. It has gotten me through numerous painful blisters. Good luck!
  10. More coming soon


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