Thursday, June 25, 2009

Resting is good for the soul and legs

I'm one of those people who pushes through pain, feels guilty for resting too long, and thinks admitting it is a sign of weakness. I guess I have a tendency to overestimate what my body can do, especially in the early stages of running.

So today, I decided to listen to what my body is telling me, and take the morning off of work. I started getting a nasty headache last night, as well as achy joints. Perhaps I am coming down with something, and perhaps that's why my run on Tues was so painful?

I slept till 9:30, and I can't even remember the last time I slept so late, even on the weekends. I have to admit it feels glorious, despite the lingering headache. I think I am still going to do my scheduled swim, because I think floating around in the water will feel so good!

Yesterday was my rest day, so I walked for an hour, though not all at once. After work, I went to Santa Barbara Running Company to look at some shoes. I am interested in buying a lighter, more flexible shoe to wear for my faster/shorter runs. The Saucony Hurricanes are perfect for my long runs, but too heavy for fast runs. I was hoping to try on some Asics Gel DS Trainer 14, or Kayano 15 or Elixer, or Saucony Tangent or Pro Guide 2, but alas, they did not have them in my size. I am looking for a light shoe that offers a little support for my slight overpronation on my left foot. Do you have any experience with these shoes/any advice? I'm a running shoes newbie! :)

And here's a pic from this weekend at the Summer Solstice Parade. I was literally the only girl who didn't get the memo to wear skirts/dresses/cute sandals. I was wearing running shoes to protect my knees for the run the next day, my Polar HRM watch, and lululemons for comfort. Running ability>style!
Oh, and I watched the Hangover last night! :) B.o.B, you are right, it is an insanely funny movie! It's the funniest movie I've seen in a while, right next to Rat Race.

Hope you have a great Thursday!
Here is my gratitude list for today
1) I am grateful for the fact it's almost the weekend!
2) I like to savor the feeling of a bear hug
3) I am hopeful that this headache will soon be gone!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    Smart of you to listen to your body :)

  2. Glad you listened to your body..hopefully you'll be feeling better tomorrow, finally Friday!

  3. i'm always in my lululemon pants. james makes fun of me, but it's the only way i can hide my recovery socks!!!

    as for lightweight trainers- i've heard great things about the saucony tangent. my personal favorite are Zoot Ultra TT (And all zoots) and the Nike Lunar Trainers- both have incredible and unique technology. zoots are lighter, but nikes are more substantial and better if you're not racing tris i would think.

  4. Julia, rest is one of the most important components to any good training plan. Always listen to your body and never push through the pain. You will undoubtedly regret it down the road. Missing one or two runs will not ruin the training. So, great job on listening to your body.

    As for shoes, it is so hard to offer suggestions. We're all so different, it is a matter of trying out lots of different stuff and then sticking with what works for you. Just be careful. I was fitted in the wrong shoe last year and it caused a stress fracture. Not saying that will happen to you, but make sure you're dealing with a really knowledgable shoe fitter. The girls at my local running store are clueless. There is only one guy I trust enough to go to.

    I run in the Saucony Guide 2. It's almost 2 oz lighter than the one you're running in now. You're smart to want a lighter shoe for your faster stuff. My coach suggested to me to get racing flats for my speedwork. She says it does make a difference, so next month I'll be shopping around for those.

    Good luck!

  5. Resting is hard to do sometimes, but it is much needed. Hope you are feeling much better today. Cute outfit! I am always wearing my bulking watches.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it. I laugh out like like a complete fool when I watch Rat Race. I own it and just watch it sometimes to get a good laugh. Gotta love slapstick. Have a great weekend!

  7. We practice at our friends house in his living room.

    Thanks for the comment!



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