Friday, July 31, 2009

This has got be some kind of record

Last Saturday, for the first time in MONTHS.... probably since January, I bought a jar of peanut butter. I still have about a spoonful left as of this morning. WOW. PB is my crack, and I usually go through a jar in about 2-3 days. So 6 days is some sort of personal record. But I'm gonna have to stop buying it again, cause each jar is about 2,900 calories. I'm trying to cut back by 1,750 calories a week. Oops. So this is a Success and a Fail in one. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right? What's your snack crack? (I'm finally feeling like I'm not a slave to chocolate anymore....woo!)
Oh PB.... until we meet again...

The weather actually was gorgeous outside by the time I was done with work, but I had made up my mind in the morning to go spinning instead. Hey, why not change things up, right? Right as I walked into the gym, one of the trainers shouted "Julia! When are you finally going to take my spin class?!!!" to which I replied. "um, like right now." Haha, that shut him up all right! The expression on his face was really funny. :)

Ikept things pretty easy on the bike. I didn't want my thighs/buns to get too tired for my run today. I kept the resistance at a very manageable level, and never pedaled too fast. I was sweating buckets, but I could NOT for the life of me get my heart rate up past 135. And as soon as the segment was over and we slowed down for a minute, my heart rate would plummet back down below 100. This means that my cardiovascular system has improved by leaps and bounds! However, it did make me wonder if it counts as a cardio workout if my heart wasn't really pumping all that hard?

All in all it was a good workout, and I foam rolled a lot before I left the gym. One guy walked by me and told me "you're always stretching!" I guess that's a good thing, but it doesn't change the fact I feel stiff all the time! I seriously don't know what I would do without the good ol' foam roller! I also realized that pretty much every decision I have been making recently is directly tied to running. Not wanting to push myself in spin class to "save my legs" is an example. Before, I would pedal my little heart out. Whenever friends invite me to go out or hang out, the FIRST thought is "well, I have speed work today, so it will have to be after that," or "how am I gonna fit in 16 miles before I see her?" If it doesn't fit seamlessly into my training schedule, I become reluctant and hesitant to participate. I don't consider them "sacrifices" at all, since I enjoy training, and its not like people are calling me left and right begging for a little of my attention. I just realized my whole mindset has changed. Maybe I'm becoming...gasp!...a Runner!

I'm so excited it's Friday. I foresee hot tub and the movie Coraline in my future. Tomorrow, James and I are going to the Greek Festival. I'm not entirely familiar with Greek food other than gyros and baklavas (mmm love 'em!) so I am excited to experience new flavors. What do Greeks drink though?

Today is going to be a torturous 6 miles. 6 miles used to be my LONG run. I've never ran 6 miles during the weekday. This is new teritory for me. This is new, scary, runner teritory. I got this!

Happy happy Friday to everyone, and Thank You for all the great sandals and face soap advice. I'm excited to go to the drugstore now, and you'll be the first to know when I get a new pair of sandals!


  1. Hahaha ooooh peanut butter! I've got a 36 oz. jar here at home and I've been avioding temptation like the plague (trying to keep the weight off for the next race!). I totally hear you on planning things around training and such, I'm the exact same way now, but I totally don't mind either! If only I could find some way to meet a guy while training....

    Have fun at the Greek festival! I LOVE Greek food! I don't know what they drink though, beer (doesn't every culture)?

  2. Greek food is the BESTEST!?! I forsee you falling in love because it's really healthy too!

    Look out for the Tzatiki ... I LOVE THAT STUFF ON PITA and the Babagnosh and the Tabouli and the Hummus and ... well, you can see I love it all! :)

    Good luck breaking new ground :)

  3. Yup, you're def becoming a runner. My whole life is revolves around my running schedule. Just wait until the day comes that your friends finally put up the white flag and accept that you will put running before partying. That is a day of accomplishment!

    When I did spin on Monday night I kept pretending to change gears but kept it pretty low because I didn't want to screw up my runs either! LOL!

    Have fun at the festival! I love Greek festivals!!!MMMMMMMmmmmm

  4. Sneaker Sister; I have had to officially BAN Nutella from my diet. It was worse than crack for me, haha!

  5. It's amazing how every day decisions start to revolve around RUNNING! Look at you, runner girl! :)

    Enjoy your weekend - sounds like fun! Mmm, greek food! No ideaabout the bevvies, though.

    Kick some 6-mile butt! I've been adjusting to 6+ mile weekdays runs lately... you'll feel so hardcore!

  6. I'm at the point where I just need to stop buying peanut butter. I can't keep the spoon out of it!! I really think it's the reason I can't drop some of these extra pounds!

  7. My current snack crack is Trader Joe's Almond butter with Sea Salt on a celery stick if I'm behaving and dotted with dark chocolate chips if I'm not!
    Have a fun weekend!

  8. I would have to say that i love candy the most - like swedish fish or sour patch kids! Yummy! But I kind of gave them up too for running and being healthy and my teeth feel better for it too!

  9. hi, i loved your comment on the fitnessitas blog and so i wanted to stop by!iu need to try miso in more ways.

  10. peanut butter= a crack for me too.... its freaking amazing and i love it with all my heart.

    the best is when peanut butter and chocolate are in ice cream. that is seriously heaven on earth.

    ahhhh I'm dreaming of PB right now hahahahaha

  11. Wow! That is a LOT of PB. I'm not sure that I have a snack food crack.... Maybe licorice?

    Good luck on the 6'er. Soon you'll be knocking those out like nothing!



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