Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The fantastic Miss Morning Runner has passed me along this award Honest Scrap. I found out that she makes a mean Mac and Cheese with Salsa. Boy, that sounds delish.
The rules are to link back to the presenter, share 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know that are true, and then pass it on and notify the people you pass the award on to!!

I'm honestly not that interesting, but here goes

1) I am extremely paranoid about getting injured/sick. I know when you're young, you're supposed to have this feeling of immortality, but I've always been burdened by my own mortality. Every twinge, sting, tickle, I feel like I need to call an ambulance. BUT, at the same time, I am too frugal to pay any $$$ to actually go see a Dr. For example, before last Sept, I had not been to the dentist since when I lost my baby teeth. Oops.

2) I cannot live without Vaseline. I will literally freak out if I don't have my little jar with me everywhere I go. At home, my mom and I used to use Costco sized tubs of these things..... well, that is until my dog decided to eat Vaseline.... but that's an entirely different story... haha. I use Vaseline as chapstick, make-up remover, over little cuts, moisturizer, everything!

3) I can be very stubborn.

4) Maybe it's because I grew up as the oldest sibling. Maybe it's just my DNA. Whatever the cause, I have a very difficult time with feelings of vulnerability. I always feel like I need to be the strong one, the responsible one, the one that takes care of business. I have a hard time telling people I need help because I can't help but feel it's a sign of weakness. I have a tendency to keep things bottled up inside. However, I am learning otherwise, that it's OK to ask for help, to ask for a shoulder to lean on.

5) My low maintenance-ness is starting to bite me in the a$$. I eschew most things "girly" and "high maintenance", cause I am too lazy and too cheap. But, I think I have taken it too far. I have not had a hair cut in 9 months and my hair is NOT happy. I have not washed my car and I have found cobwebs and bubble gum on my car. I don't even own face wash. I can't remember the last time my nails had any polish on them. I can't remember the last time I bought non-running clothes/shoes. Most of my clothes are from at least 4 years ago, so my fashion sense is completely out-dated. Wow. Epic FAIL on my part.

6) I want to open up a breakfast joint one day.

7) I still can't figure out why my housemates don't mind/notice that they are living in filth, and they don't see a need to do dishes EVER. And I truly mean EVER. And then they ask me why the pan is dirty. Um..... YOU USED IT TWO DAYS AGO AND LEFT IT THERE!!!! I am actually now quite relieved that I am moving. ok. end rant

8) I loooooooove cats. They make me smile. Like this one:

OMG how funny is that cat?

9) I really want to move to Hawai'i. I have been wanting to since 5th grade. I want to so bad, yet I don't know why I am so scared to actually go do it. If anyone can help me find the guts to make this move, please help.

10) I wrote that Bridget Jones was my role model on one of my college applications. Needless to say, I was rejected. Haha. I really don't know why I did that! haha, I was such a rebel back then....!????

I hope I didn't bore ya to sleep :)

I would like to pass this on to
Run, Eat, Repeat (her eats always makes me drool)
Sneaker Sister (she always has the best advice!)

Quick Recap of Tuesday's workout:
I thought my knee would give me trouble, but as the day went on, the knees were the least of my worries. As soon as I got to work, my lower left back/hip area just started hurting like crazy out of no where! I've never felt pain there before, but every five min or so I would feel like being shot by bullets. It was so painful to sit, I actually had to do a lot of my work standing up, and driving was torture! It didn't hurt when walking, only when sitting. WTF? I was worried about my speedwork sesh, but decided to do it anyways on the treadmill. Glad to report that it went well; very minimal pain, and I was really able to push myself. People were definitley giving me funny looks; I was probably breathing heavily, and may have even let out a few grunts.

To help push myself, I had to play a lot of mind games, like pretending I was being chased by a lion or a crazy Viking, I was just about to cross the finish line in Maui, I pretended I was Kara Groucher, and I kept telling myself "I got this!" It was hard, but a good hard. Keeping my fingers crossed that these speed sessions will help me smash my PR in Maui!

Today I have no back/hip pain, but I think I might switch things up a bit and go to the gym for weights instead of biking, casue biking can sometimes put a lot of pressure on my lower back.

All right, this novel of a post is over now. Phew!

Go check out a Fuel Belt Giveaway at I Run Because I Can. And also Gluten Free Baked Goodies at Run to Finish.

Happy humpday and only 2 more days till the weekend!!!!!


  1. Holla at my fellow low-maintenance chick! :D

  2. Happy Hump Day to you as well! I will totally come eat at your breakfast shop. Especially if it's in Hawai'i. LOL!

    As far as the running group goes, if you can't find one online, you could always go to your neighborhood bike/track/running store and see if they know of any. Or start your own. Good luck!

  3. Hey, I think being stubborn is a positive. I am definitely a stubborn Aries ram. Being stubborn helps us reach our goals.

    I can totally see you living in Hawaii!!

  4. I would totally go for it as far as living in Hawaii goes!! I wouldn't have guessed you were non-girlie-girlie, but its a good thing to be low maintenance. I wish I were more so sometimes.

  5. Cool facts!

    I also tend to be a little too low maintenance. I wear makeup apprximately 5 times per year and leave the house wit hmy hair soaking wet almost every day.

    I hope that pain goes away. Eeek, does not sound fun. :/

    Way to slaughter that treadmill speed workout!

  6. Cool list! I found your blog through... well, not sure how I ended up here. It was a lot of clicking. Anyway, adorable blog. Sounds like we're in the same "tri- maybe" boat. Good luck!

  7. We elder siblings are automatically put in the protector role aren't we? Great list!

    Glad you're feeling better, but take it easy there killer! :)

  8. Vasoline!? Ha, that is great.

  9. I love vaseline too! But I think I'm more obsessed with Palmer's Cocoa Butter, like literally, obsessed. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day, I'd TOTALLY come to your b-fast joint.

    I know that sometimes if someone has a wrong fit on their bike it can cause them a lot of back pain, maybe that's where it's coming from? Good idea then to lay off the bike for a bit, and good that you realize that it creates pressure in that area.

    Have you ever seen the YouTube video "kittens inspired by kittens", it's quite adorable, but not as hysterical as that video up there.

  10. aw, thanks :)

    there's nothing wrong with loving the vaseline! and btw, being low maintenance/not super girly is a-ok in my book!

    you HAVE to check out the 'kittens inspired by kittens' video...HILARIOUS! well, if you enjoy random humor. I love it.

  11. haha omg number 10 made me laugh!! I LOVE THOSE MOVIES! Maybe not in a "role model" way, ha, but they're hilarious.

    My roomie/best friend from college always has Vaseline with her too! I thought it was a little weird for a while, but that stuff really works some magic!

  12. So glad you participated in this! Isn't it fun!!?? Have a good weekend!



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