Monday, August 3, 2009

Brain dancing

First off, thanks so much for all the encouraging words for the interview! I am all nerves right now, so excuse me if this post jumps all over the place!

Yesterday, James and I set out for a 12 mile run. It's like, every week is a new record for me. I conquered a 6 mile "easy" run and a 12 mile run in one week. Mostly pain free too! Woo!

But lets go back to Saturday for a while. Before the Greek Festival, I was able to get a solid hour of swimming in. I can tell I am getting much smoother in the water. At the end of the work out, I even did 5 laps of all-out Michael Phelps style swimming. I felt like such a champ! :)

The Greek Festival was a blast. The entire place smelled like kebabs, and it drove me crazy with hunger! I got the chicken gyros, which was spectacular. But check out the desserts;

That is a baklava, and a walnut cake drenched in syrup. OMG talk about heaven. The walnut cake was so good I could have cried. Good thing they are not available year round!

OK. Back to the Sunday 12 miler. (I know I'm spastic today, sorry) We ran a new leg of the marathon, from Fairview to Modoc. There is a whole mile of downhill, which was awesome. If I'm running 26.2 miles, I'll take all the downhill that I can get! I also got to test out my new Nathan hand-grip water bottle. (review coming soon) The bottle was a great addition to the run, cause it was a HOT day, and I finally found a way to carry those shot blocks! I am definitely going to stick to the shot blocks; they give me no tummy problems. James also tried out a new drink which was inspired by Bree; Grape juice diluted in water with some sea salt. He said it tasted great; just like a raisin!

We started out too fast on the run, and paid for it during miles 7-9, when our pace dropped by over a minute. Out pace for this run was really inconsistent, but we finished strong, and with a little post run fuel, some ibuprofen, some ice and some strethcing, I feel hardly any tightness/soreness in my legs at all. I am getting more and more confident in my long runs, which is great news as well. Next week we will be running 13 miles, and I am confident I can rock it.

Ok my mind is dancing around. I also wanted to show you the Remanents T-shirt I recently won from Tall Mom on the Run. I straightened my hair and everything for you all for this glamor shot: (FYI I never straighten my hair anymore, so this is kind of A BIG DEAL, haha)
I really like this shirt. It says "Distance makes the heart grow stronger". It's really comfy, and it's long, which I like because I don't wanna be flashing anyone my belly button (um, so 90's!) haha. It's probably gonna become my new favorite shirt! Thank you Mel and Remanets! (PS- they have a lot of other cute running style t-shirts on their website)

Ok, one more brain dance and I'm out. Tomorrow I am going to be having a giveaway, so get excited! :)

All right. Time to go shake these nerves away!

Week three recap
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6X800 at 10K-45 seconds pace.
Wednesday: Weights+walk/run at lunch
Thursday: Spin+walk/run at lunch
Friday: 6 miles + walk at lunch
Saturday: 1 hour swim
Sunday: 12.3 miles
Total miles run: 23.6 miles
Total milestones: 2
Total calories burned: 4,800


  1. Your blog is seriously a breath of fresh air. Could you be any cuter? I love your enthusiasm. Keep it up girl!

  2. 1. I am now craving Baklava - Thanks!
    2. You are frigging adorable!
    3. I'm jealous of your shirt!
    4. YOu are totally going to rock this interview
    5. Great job on the running!

  3. That shirt is so cute and I love the saying on it!! Love it! great job on the run!

  4. CUTE GLAMOR SHOT!!! I love the saying too - you'll do FINE with 13 next week! happy to hear the shot-bloks are working. that grapejuice concoction sounds, um, interesting. haha. ehhh the things we do on long runs!

  5. I love the shirt. I checked out that website before but they would sell so much more if they would only show people wearing them. It looks great!

  6. You are so girly! :D The flower was a nice touch.
    Oh, I'm totally craving Greek food now.
    Your training updates inspire me to go out and run.

  7. I LOVE that shirt! Cute saying.

    Awesome 12-miler!

  8. Great job on the running!!

    I love the pics!

    VERY cute shirt-- i want one!!!!! :)

    Also, that food looks FABULOUS! MmmmmMmm :)

  9. I love the "milestones" item in your training summary. That is a great way to track everything.

  10. Wow, we are in about the same place in our training! Last Sunday was my longest run, also 12 miles. This week is a recovery week, so I will be running 12 again next Sunday, then up to 13. Doesn't it feel awesome!?

  11. Love the shirt.. Hope you sent the photo to the owner, she would love it!!




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