Sunday, August 9, 2009

We have a winner!

Is it January? Cause it sure feels like it over here. It is so foggy, so cloudy, so wet, and so cold, I honestly forgot we are in AUGUST! Come on weather; didn't you get the memo? It's SUMMER! haha.

Well, it's probably a good thing its cool right now. I think the cooler temperature worked to our advantage yesterday on our 13.3 mile run. Yup, that's 6 straight weeks of steady mileage increases, and 6 straight weeks of PDRs for James! A BIG pat on the back for him! And this week is my "Rest" week, of much lower mileage and much less exercising. This will be excellent, because I have my second 10K race and James will be doing his first Biathlon this Sunday!

So let's recap our half marathon yesterday. James and I were quite pumped for it, because we found a half marathon on Halloween day we really want to run. It's quite far away, so we don't know for sure if we can run it, but I sure to like the idea of racing in costume! We were so amped on the idea of half marathons, and couldn't wait to tackle the upcoming run.

Anyways... the run, the run.... We didn't make it out the door till 1:30PM. Much later than I was hoping for, but we ate too delicious and too big of a breakfast and needed time to digest! (I really need to open up a breakfast joint. My banana pancakes were too good! :) )
It was quite cool outside, so perfect for a long run. We decided to run the first 6.5 miles of the SB Marathon, and just run those 6.5 miles back.

For some reason, the miles flew by effortlessly. Most likely because it was cool, and we kept the pace nice and easy, and my heart rate was in the 140s/150s the entire time. And also cause James and I had a little fight while running about our plans post-run. All of a sudden we were shouting and flying uphill faster than we were running on the flat portion. Seriously, a whole mile was over in like, two seconds flat. As soon as we realized how bad-ass we were that we could fight about running while running, we had a good laugh and called it a truce. We later tried to recreate the fight for an extra boost of energy, but that didn't work too well, haha :)

We maintained a 9:50 average pace, and successfully tackled a few good uphills, and completed the whole 13.3 miles. Other than a cramped foot and a blister, it was a very good run. Chafe free too, since we FINALLY bought some Body Glide!

I can't believe I am now at the point where I can call a 6 mile run a "short" run, and I can put the words "easy" and "13 miles" in the same sentence. Woo! :)
(picture me twirling around in a victory dance)

As promised, here are some pictures from the Fiesta on Saturday. I had been looking forward to this festival food fest all year.
First up, the delicious Carnitas Burrito. Seriously. The best carnitas I have ever tasted. So effin wonderful. This got devoured in like, 3 minutes flat. The meat is so tender and juicy, and the frijoles are so creamy and rich. Yum-O! I wanted to ask the lady if I could buy the entire 10 gallon pot of it from her. Seriously. It's so good!

Next up we have the Confetti Eggs. Another one of my favorites. They are hand painted egg shells filled with confetti. You can buy them ALL over town, 4 eggs for a dollar. Then you smash the eggs as hard as you can crack them on top of someone else's head. This is supposed to be for good luck. But it quickly turns into a game of surprise attacks, and you never know when you're gonna be egged! Like in the photo above, out friends were innocently taking a cute photo together when they got a surprise confetti attack! haha. The entire downtown is just COVERED in confetti all week, and I think it makes such a pretty, multi colored carptet over the entire city.
Yup, we dragged our confetti covered selves into a club. Yup me, at an actual club/bar. Party animal, I'm telling you. Drinking water too. So hard core. :)

Workouts for Fri and Sat included the usual run and swim. Very uneventful stuff.

And NOW, I would like to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY!
(Yes, I made you read all that before letting you know the winner! haha)

The winner of the Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes is....

*suspense is building...***

***Gosh who is it already....***

****I just wanna know!*****

It is Eliza from Eliza on the Run!

Congrats! Please email me your info and I'll ship it out to you asap. (chocolateshoestrings at gmail dot com)

I have quite an exciting week coming up; product reviews, a reggae concert (!), a 10K race, and a class about writing. Woo! (yes, I am a dork/nerd and get excited about optional writing classes at work)

Have a good one!


  1. Awesome run :)

    That festival looks like so much fun!

    Yay me! First time I've won anything in the blogosphere :)

  2. You rocked that run woman! Good job!

    Pics are great and congrats to Eliza!!! :)

  3. CONGRATS on the 13 miler. I am like a proud mama right now. Tear. Hahaha just kidding, but seriously GREAT JOB!

    Can you mail me that burrito please? That'd be great. Thanks.

  4. That festival looks like too much fun! LOVE the confetti!

    Way to rock your 13-miler. You guys are gonna have SO much fun at the Halloween race!

  5. We've got the opposite of your weather out here right now, we've got a heat index of 100 with 60% humidity! It was stormy/rainy and foggy here yesterday though.

    Your fiesta looks like it was so much fun, and delicious! Great pictures! And way to go on your 13-miler! All of this reading about your marathon training really makes me want to sign up for one, or at least a 1/2 again!

  6. festival food is so great, fried zucchini....oh yea, lol but the meaty stuff ALWAYS looks and smells good i gotta say. and when you talk about mileage and you arent talking about a car...well you are a runner, that should be on that list you have!

  7. Way to go on that 13 miler! I was actually thinking the same thing recently; when did any run under an hour become short and easy? I remember when a 4 mile run was LONG!

  8. That is awesome on the mileage PRs. I always love to tell people that "I ran a half marathon this weekend" :)

    Body glide is pretty much the best thing ever. I go through a stick about every other week!

  9. Yay for the 13 miler, partying AND drinking water! :D Reggae concert sounds great! Wish I could go, too.

  10. Great job with the running girl! Sounds like tons of fun! I love that you and your man were fighting about running while running! That's awesome and talented! :)

    Cute pics from the festival- it looks like you guys had fun! Your so cute together! :)

  11. awesome run! :) it's amazing what a relaxing pace can do for your endurance - I love those long-slow-distance workouts. 6 miles "short"? ha, you are definitely in training mode. GOOD STUFF!!



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