Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Thong Review

Oh no, ew! Not that kind of a thong! Get your dirty mind out of the gutter!

I'm talking about thong sandals, silly rabbit! You know... flip flops?! :)

Thank you to all the amazing bloggers out there for the valuable suggestions on supportive flip flops. With your recommendations, I finally dragged my stingy a$ to the REI store to replace my Havianas.

So what are my lucky feet wearing these days?

The Keen Bree Thong!
You can visit the Keen website here.

I immediately knew that I wanted these flip flops as soon as my feet slipped into them. What makes this sandal special is the superb cushioning. According to the website, the cushioning is a "blend of recycled PU, cork and memory foam that contours to feet and adjusts to give you the cushioning you need throughout your day." It's soft, cushy, and provides ample support for my arches.

To me, the arch support is the most vital aspect of this sandal. Sure, my pink Havianas are cute, but the thin, flat rubber does nothing to support and protect my feet. As my running mileage has crept up, taking good care of my feet has become a big concern of mine, for obvious reasons. And since flip flops are as ubiquitous as palm trees, fake tans and fake boobs in southern CA, I needed to find me a great pair. (A pair of flip flops, you silly goose! NOT a pair of implants! Sheesh! :)

The Keen Bree thong has a nice thick sole, so I think it will last me a long time. And for being the supportive sandal that it is, it's not too heavy at all. I've gone on numerous half hour walks in these slippers, and my feet/legs do not hurt at all. They have not given me any blisters either. No breaking in required.

  • Very supportive and the cushioning is extremely comfortable .
  • Comes in many cute colors: Black, Carribean Sea, Inca Gold, Amaranth, and Oak Street
  • Doesn't look too "grandma", like other supportive sandals
  • Made of durable leather
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • My black color matches with any outfit
  • $$ Pricey. Suggested retail is $75. I got mine on sale for $49.99
  • They run a little bit narrow
I don't have any other complaints with the sandals. They are comfy, and I am loving it! And I am stoked I will have a nice pair of flip flops to wear in Hawai'i! (Or slippers, as they're called over there) Again, thank you so much for helping me choose such a great pair!

In other Chocolate Shoestrings news, I finally have presentable hair now. Over the weekend, I dyed my hair a dark brown, and last night I gave myself a hair cut.

Yup. You read that right. I cut my own hair. I know that may sound shocking to some, but that is how cheap I am. I just cannot justify spending hundreds of $ and wasting a whole 2 hours at the salon. (I mean, it cuts into my training time!) I've been dying my own hair now for quite a while, and I've had good luck with all the brands and products I've tried. As for the cut, I just took a pair of scissors and went to town on it. I thinned out my hair and took off a good two inches. And I love it! My head feels so much lighter, and my ponytails are much more manageable (important for those runs!). And the best thing is, it was absolutely free and it only took me 10 minutes! Yippee! I'm quite proud of myself and just had to share :)

Haha. Ok. Hopefully I will have some more exciting running news to share with you all tomorrow. But in the meantime, have a splendid Wednesday! It's 09/09/09 today, so don't forget to make a special wish! (like a new PR, perhaps?)


  1. OHH, those look great! Thanks for the review. I need to stop walking around in my support-less rubber flip flops. Ugh!

    Happy 09/09/09!

  2. Cute flippy floppys. Also I CANNOT believe you cut your own hair. I am super impressed. I dye my own hair, but cutting it, lawd have mercy! LOL!

  3. I "trim" my little side swept bangs every now and then and mom always has to fix them. My mom has done hair for 30+ years so I am the lucky one who gets to get my hair cut and colored for FREE by a professional! Thank goodness cuz if not I would have to spend the big bucks like everyone else! No way would I do it myself.....if I just couldn't spend the money, I would be like Crystal Gale with all that hair draggin the floor - oooooh gross, glad my mama cuts hair!!!!
    Cute "slippers" by the way!! Thanks for the review. My mom has all kinds of foot problems and she loves her Keen's!!!!

  4. Thanks for the review. I'm looking for some supportive shoes or sandals. I don't remember seeing anything as cute as these at REI though. Guess I'll have to look again.

    I don't trust myself to cut my own hair. Lately I've been going to a beauty school where it's only $10 when they're having a special. Still got to spend time there, but at least I'm not spending as much money.

  5. I'm VERY impressed with the haircut. Wow. We're going to need to see some pics though. :o)

  6. Thanks for the review! :)

  7. Keens are awesome -- I wear the sandals all summer. They have a toe covering (protects and hides them) and super comfortable. Hope you like the flops.

  8. I think those are cute! Nice review - I should pick up some Supportive shoes, my flats/flip flops really Don't do the trick.

  9. Great flip flops! I own a Havaianas and wore them all the time in the Phils. Here in Japan, nobody wears flip flops so I RARELY wore them - 5x in almost 2 years maybe.
    I'd have to agree that haircuts are expensive! :s My last haircut was during the holidays back home. I applaud you for cutting your own - great job! :D

  10. This post was almost immediately disappointing :)

    Seriously though, you are pretty hard core about the hair cut. There is no way that I could have done that.

  11. Cute! I really need some new and more supportive sandals. The Old Navy flip flops just don't cut it!



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