Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's the middle of the week and time for a laugh

Ok so I've been told I'm like Angela from The Office.

.... Hopefully its just because I like cats... and not because of all the other things...!
And because I think we can all use some mid-week laughs, I thought I'd share some of my recent favorite internet finds. Prepare to smile.

Seriously, every time I see these, I completely crack up!
These are all from my new obsession; I've spent waaaay more time on this site than I'd like to admit. :) Clearly, I've been super productive lately. Daydreaming my time away? who, me?

Ok so I guess I should mention running somewhere in here too :)
Really, not much. I was super sore after running 18 miles on Sat and doing an hour of yoga and an hour of weights on Sun. Last night was a quick 5.5 miles. I full on expected it to be a crappy run, but turns out my body was Craving it. It was fast, it was easy, and it felt good. Sometimes running can surprise you like that; out of the blue you get this run where everything just clicks: it feels effortless, freeing, invigorating, and just plain old fun. I wanted to go longer, but it was already dark, and I don't feel comfortable running in the dark.

Have you ever run in darkness? It's quite the trippy experience, I'm telling you. I once (unintentionally) ran in total darkness. When you can't see the ground, where you're headed, or where your feet are landing, it feels like you're almost hopping along, kind of like you're gonna take off flying or something. It feels... weightless somehow. It's super strange. If you wanna know what I'm talking about, try running with your eyes closed. Seriously. Try it.

I have a fun date night planned tonight: I've got free tickets to the ballet! I danced for over ten years, so I'm so excited to go to a fancy show and get all dressed up :)

I am sending you all sorts of humpday-licious vibes through the interwebs! Adios


  1. My husband is watching Mythbusters ALL the time and I am LMAO over here at that cat! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Yay for a great run after the 18-miler. I love when our bodies surprise us like that. :)

    Enjoy the ballet!

  2. Funny Cat pics!Great run!!!

  3. Don't ya love the great runs after a long run... They are the best!

    I run in the dark pretty much every time I run (Vampire Runner) and I don't mind it, it's actually preferrable considering my location and the humidity... but I did run in Michigan early morning last week and it was PITCH DARK and I will admit it was unnerving... especially when a deer came running out the woods at me! AHHH!!!!

    Have fun at the Ballet! Make sure you post the fancy pics!

  4. OMG I totally spend waaaaay too much time on that site as well. It's hilarious. Why are the cats so much funnier than the dogs????

    You are expected to be sore after long runs. Just make sure you are icing and stretching.

    Have fun at the ballet fancy pants. ;)

  5. That mythbusters cat is GREAT!

  6. Hilarious pics!
    I've tried running with my eyes closed, too. But only for 10 seconds each time. I have to check that I'm not crashing on some tree or something.
    Oooh, night at the ballet sounds amazing. Have fun!

  7. mythbusters=love
    your blog cracks me up
    have fun at the ballet tonight!


    lol i love this website! i never knew where to go till now...and of course i had to make one!!!



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