Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally! A shoe review!

But before I begin.....

It's Friday the 13th!!!
And to me, this meant that I needed to go to the bakery for an apple fritter for breakfast.
Hey. Life is uncertain. Eat Dessert First.
Oh, and interestingly enough, "Dessert s" is "Stressed" spelled backwards. Ahhh, nifty, huh? :)

I think I'll spare you the "OMG, woe is me", "my knee hurts and my life sucks", and "wtf does my knee have to hurt now?" stories. (you probably get the gist). And did I mention that I have a 22 miler tomorrow? This should get really interesting, to say the least. At least I finally bought myself a foam roller yesterday, so that should help with some of the pain (keeping my fingers crossed).

So. Here's is my super delayed review of the Nike Air Pegasus+ 26.

Bottom line; I really like this shoe. I like how it looks, and I like how it feels. It's light for a big-looking shoe. It's put me through the 4 longest runs of my life so far without any trouble, and it worked great right out of the box. (The white+turquoise color would have been my second choice color)

To be honest, at first I didn't believe that Nike made legit running shoes. I was looking at Mizunos, Sauconys and Asics. But more than a couple of people and a couple of sources recommended the Pegasus, so when I found a pair I tried them on on a whim.

Wow. They fit perfect.

I actually had to go to three different stores to find my size. Who knew 9.5 was such a popular size?

Anyway, here is the review.

I'm hoping to sharpen my video skills to make these videos more fun. I think I'll start with better lighting and not looking at 14 thousand different directions. haha. I like doing these videos, so you'll probably see some more on here soon!

In other news, I am working to add some more interesting things to my blog, such as an "About Me" page. It'll take me a while to navigate the blog thing, but it's in the works!

Also, I moved locations within my office. I used to sit in a back corner where I could blog and comment on everyone's blogs whenever I wanted, but now I sit right smack in the middle of traffic, and blogging/commenting has gotten 100 times more difficult. So I just wanted to say I'm still reading! (but I still can't find a good way to comment inconspicuously). I hope you continue to read mine too! :)

Muchos gracias, and have a safe Friday the thirteenth!

oh man, was that a black cat I just saw....???? :)


  1. I have never run in Nike shoes, so good to see a review of them! The video review idea is interesting, but I could never stand to see myself on TV much less looking out on a YouTube video.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You are so friggin cute!

    Good job finally scoring yourself a Foam Roller, BOUT TIME!!!

    I'm sketch on the Nike shoes myself... Track Shack always has me try a pair when I'm buying new shoes but I always think they feel so different from my beloved Asics.

  3. Hope the knee pain takes a vacation tomorrow during your long run. I'll be doing mine on the SB Marathon course and hoping that all my aches and pains stay dormant.

    After tomorrow, you're home free and ready to taper!

  4. Can't watch the vid at work, but I'll check it out later!

    I used to sit in the WORST location for blogging.. my back was to my boss (in the same office - ugh) so he could always see my screen. Now I'm in a new office and I rearranged the furniture so nobody can see the screen. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Good luck with the BIG RUN! I hope your knee is okay.

  5. Goodluck on the 22 miler tomorrow!

  6. My left knee is being a biatch right now and I'm about ready to sign up for my first marathon. To say I'm upset is an understatement.

  7. I have the pink and grey nike pegs and i LOVE THEM TOO!! randomly i bought them just to wear around for a shoe but because my asic running shoes started rubbing on my feet, i wore these once and realized i liked them so much better! they are so cheap to! i think i paid like 59 for mine. Ive been looking online for another pair in a size 9 but its sold out at They are acutally on sale right now for 47! i thought that was sweet! normally i wear an 8.5 in my regular shoes but in running shoes i need a 9, so these are a little snug on my feet but at this point they are the most comofortable! :) great review! :)

  8. Ha, CUUTE video :) that's a fun little edition to the friday post!

    I LOVE the Pegs! I run in them too and have not had a Single problem thus far (*knock on wood*). I really love all Nike running things, they're doing somethin' right!

    Gooood luck on that 22-miler tomorrow!

  9. Those are sexy shoes. Hopefully they keep working out well for you.

  10. I used to run in Nike Pegasus all the time, but I found that they wore down quickly. I never seemed to get the same mileage out of them that I do with other runners. Now I use the Saucony Hurricane Grids.



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