Thursday, November 5, 2009

SPIbelt Review time!

I haven't done one of these in a while....
Chocolate Shoestrings Video Review Time!

Ok I know you're so totally excited as I am :)

This time I am reviewing the SPIbelt.

Sorry if the motions and sound don't match up perfectly. I have no idea why it's doing that.

But the fact remains that the SPIbelt is pretty darned cool. I know there are a lot of other fanny pack type products out there, but I think the Spibelt reigns supreme. I mean, this thing was invented by this girl who's a personal trainer, and I just love stories about young women entrepreneurs. Totally inspiring.

image from

I think I pretty much summed it up in the video, but I didn't mention that SPIbelts come in different sizes as well as different colors. You can get a dual pocket belt, a belt with a inner pocket, etc. The website even lets you customize your belt. How baller is that? There's one with a "26.2" logo on it too!

To reiterate, I think the SPIbelt rocks. I wasn't expecting it to be so stretchy and so comfortable. This belt will come in handy especially on those long runs when you need to carry a whole bunch of nutrition with you. It's also fun for races when you want to have a phone or a camera on you. I bet you could even carry your dog in there if he gets tired halfway through the run.

...ok that's probably a stretch, haha, but you know what I mean :)

What kind of bag/carrying device do you/have you used? Are there any other ones you would recommend? Please do share your experience!

And coming soon... a much belated Nike Pegasus shoe review.



  1. I flip-flop on my spi-belt. I loved it at first and then I hated it and then I had an ok day with it and then I hated it and then... then I needed it to keep my shirt down in Chicago and it didn't bother me so much... we have a love/hate relationship.

  2. I'm a "stuff my crap in my sportsbra" kind of girl. No dog fittin in there!

  3. I'm also a big fan of SPIbelt, but I use an iFitness belt as well. (not together) Just can't decide which I prefer, so why not mix it up. :p

  4. Thanks so much for the SPIbelt review!! Loved the video!!

    When I get back to running, I'll be looking into to one of these - looks awesome!!!

  5. Great review! I have a spi belt and an ifitness belt-- they both do the EXACT same thing! I cant wait to read the review of the nike pegs! :)

  6. You are sooo cute! I love the video review idea. I may have to use that format in a future post..will give you credit of course :)

  7. THat's pretty awesome, I may have to get one!

  8. Fun review! Have a great weekend.

  9. thanks for the great review! i had been trying to decide on what kind of small belt to get and now i'll defintely get one of these.

    i have a new runner question: i just went on my first run with my new garmin forerunner. when i look at the data on my computer, the graph of my speed and pace have a scale that is not at all useful - the pace runs from 0:00min/mile through 90min/mile. do you know how to change that so the range narrower (like 0-20 or something like that)? any help would be much appreciated. i love your blog!!!

  10. Thanks for the review. I have an iFitness belt and have really liked it so far. It stretches some, but not as much as the SPIbelt.

  11. Thank you to tell us so much useful information. So nice sharing. I’m glad to read it.



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