Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fire Crotch

Literally, that's how I felt like last night during spinning.

For a whole hour.


The seams on my pants, my undies, and the seat were having a full on feud.
Total cat fight status.
Claws, fangs, everything.
On my crotch.


The instructor kept glancing at me, like "oh, you think you're so good, so tough, doing all the drills out of your seat. What a show off."

Truth is, getting off my seat was like taking a fire extinguisher to my crotch.
It felt glorious.

I still can't figure out why it was so disastrous. I even remembered not to wear butt floss a thong. I blame it on the pants. Maybe I need to Body Glide it up before the next class?

At least I had a bomb, sweaty workout and my quads got quite the unexpected workout!
And my crotch is back to neutral.


Thank goodness.

(image source)

Three more days of work in 2009 and four more days till Japan!


  1. Whoa that sounds ca-razy! Fire crotch is not fun. Better luck at the next class, but way to keep going even amidst the pain. Have a great time in Japan. I am SO JEALOUS! (See, capital letters jealous!)

  2. Ack, I feel your pain. I've had that problem when my seat was a smidge too high.

  3. Yay for winter break! Enjoy Japan :) Every time I get one a bike I have that problem ;)

  4. I have never taken a spin class but i want to soo bad! for 2010 im looking at a gym membership (if i can get a good deal) to do things like that! :)

  5. Do you have cycling short? If not, you NEED them. They are worth every single penny.

  6. I agree with X-country2, however adjusting the seat a bit will help too.

  7. Oh man! You need to get some 'padded panties' and my boyfriend calls them! Cycling or even tri shorts are the best thing ever! You also might want to try some body glide or 'butt butter'. Man...cyclists are pervs!

  8. You have to go to a bike shop and pick up one of the many lubes they have there. My wife has even used KY before because it is water based. TMI, I know...

  9. Hey! I represent this remark. ;)


  10. OMG! You HAVE to get cycling shorts, even for a spin class! And no undies under the cycling shorts! Undies are your enemy when cycling. :) I would second the idea of using some kind of body glide, as well. My personal fave is Nubutte (www.nubutte.com). It is all natural (made in Boulder!) with, among other ingredients, shea butter and tea tree oil. Best of luck! Cycling rocks and is great cross-training for running!



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