Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why am I feeling so blah about the marathon all of a sudden?

Three more days till the marathon.

I honestly am not feeling anything right now. I expected to be giddy, anxious, excited, scared, etc etc etc, but to be honest, I don't feel any particular emotion towards it other than : "let's get this thing finished with already."

It's probably because I have been training for it and thinking about it non-stop for months and months, and now that it's finally here, but I'm stuck in taper mode and getting bored, I just wanna get done with it already and move on to other challenges.

It's also because training has taken up so much of my time and I'm kind of anxious to do other things as well, like maybe start studying for the GREs or something.

I'm also scared for my legs because they hurt. Though not as bad as last week, they are far from feeling fresh. Sluggish with a touch of dull pain. Lovely. I did my last run before the marathon on Tuesday... 3 miles and I was spent. Sucking wind, super slow, muscles lacking power. WTF? I think it's because of PMS-ing. I really hope "that" doesn't happen on Marathon day....

But why the eff am I being such a negative nancy? I expected to be overcome with positivity... so why am I feeling like this? I surely expected to be pumped up like I was for the Maui HM. What's changed? I guess I'm letting other life concerns and issues to cloud over my happy marathon bubble. I need to shake off these negative non-running issues, and focus all my energies on getting pumped for the marathon. I'm gonna need all the mental energy in the world if I want to finish all 26.2 miles. I can't step on the starting line with all sorts of life worries in my head. I don't need to be thinking about how the eff I'm gonna study for the math portion of the GREs or what the hell I'm gonna do about my "career."

Repeat after me: Marathon. Marathon. Marathon. Marathon. It will be fun. It will be fun. It will be fun. It will be fun.

I will do my best to channel all my positive thoughts for the next three days, and have a super fantastic first marathon experience. Remember, it will be fun. It will be fun. It will be fun.

Come on Julia! You can do this!


  1. I felt the EXACT same way before I ran Chicago. I was blah- not really excited, not really nervous just ready to have it done. Now that I've done it, I'm much more excited for this 2nd marathon.

    I felt like i was in the dark about it & didn't really know what to expect. Like you, I trained for 18 long weeks which is way too much for me. The time between Chicago & CIM has been perfect and I could see myself doing a 10-12 week plan the next time.

    My legs felt achy and painful & i was stressing about getting there on time & seriously i was feeling the exact same way. I didn't feel prepared & was stressed at the start b/c i forgot my ipod.

    You WILL be fine- I promise. Try to shake those feelings & enjoy it. You only get one first marathon experience. Mine was great, but I'm hoping number 2 is better. :)

    BEST of luck & i cant wait to hear how you do! I'll be thinking of you!!!! xoxo

  2. OMG! I am so in the same place as you are (i.e. impending marathon, GRE coming soon, Career choices looming) except my marathon is still 10 weeks out :\

    Do whatever it takes to get to your happy positive place!?! Listen to motivating music, Have a piece of chocolate, Watch The Secret ... whatever it takes just get there!


  3. Sending positive Vibes :)May I suggest-Black Eyed Peas 'I got a feeling' for Race morning :) YOU WILL DESTROY THE MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe its the taper.... I always have a hard time feeling motivated when I am not logging the miles I was during the peak of training. You will do great. Enjoy it. Have fun. Smile.... your body is taking you on a huge adventure.... :)or should I say, you are taking your body on an adventure.

  5. Everything will fall into place on the day of the marathon. You'll enjoy it and do really well! Good luck!

  6. I wish I had a magic pill I could give you. I'd also take one myself because I'm not feeling it for this marathon either.

    What I can say, is that there is ALWAYS something. This will be marathon #5 and each one of them has had its share of issues. Hang in there because the magic WILL be there on Sunday!

  7. I didn't get all Negative Nancy but I was in a very dazed and confused state the entire weekend leading up to Chicago. Ask B.o.B, I didn't get excited until we got in the Taxi to the hotel in the city Saturday night... and then I was a giant grump because some drunk girls were stumbling all over the hotel that night... but I guarantee it will all pass. You will suddenly be at that start line, full of butterflies, ready to cross that finish line! You've got this girl. Try to focus on the Finish Line and how great that moment will be, the rest will work itself out. Positive mental attitude is key to having a great run. I know you have it in there, I've seen it time over, go find your happy place! Good luck this weekend girl!!! SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED FOR YOU!

  8. Ewww, GRE was the WORST test I've ever taken in my life. You probably don't need to study as much as you think you do because when you're finally taking it, the time goes so quickly that you'll end up guessing vs leaving blank Qs (if you're like me)! Thankfully, I still passed doing that :)

    As for your marathon: Tapers suck and cause depression haha. As soon as race morning comes, you'll be fine. That adrenaline will hit and you'll be pumped!

  9. I was like that before my first (and only as of yet) marathon. I think it's better to be like that than nervous...and don't worry, all of that excitement will come the moment it's over! And all next week you will be the happiest you've ever been, so excited about your accomplishment.
    Even the morning of the race, I was like, "This is not normal...I'm so eerily calm and like "whatever!" about the whole thing!"
    I'll be sending you good vibes besides! You'll do great!!!

  10. I get like this during taper.... sometimes there is just no explanation for it other than your mind playing tricks.

    Sending positive vibes your way for fresh legs and a great attitude!

  11. Once race morning comes in everything will kick in and I think you'll be just fine. You've got a great attitude and outlook and I think you're just in a little slump right now, but once that adrenaline is pumping you'll be back in your groove. Best of luck!

    GREs suck. I wouldn't stress about it too much though because apparently they don't carry much weight to them (or I guess that depends on what field you're going into), but really, I wouldn't worry about it. You seem competent and no standardized test can say otherwise.

  12. Like everyone else has said, you'll be fine! This is text book over-training, as long as you realize that you can push through. The day before the marathon, do nothing! Seriously! Let your body relax, don't go running, go relaxing! I use this method for my cycling races and it works well! :) I taper down take a day off and then I;m focused and ready to rock the day of the event! Just my two cents!

  13. Since I can't yet give you a "been there - you'll be ok!" response, I WILL say that I've felt that way even about shorter races. Just couldn't get *that* excited - but things change when you lace up those shoes and pin on your bib! take a minute, on the starting line, to look around at all the runners surrounding you - it's sort of crazy to think how each person got there, and the goal we all have...just cross that finish line!!

    Soak it all in! enjoy the 26.2 and what you've accomplished to get there!!!! You'll do GREAT!!

  14. I felt the same way right before my marathon a couple weeks ago. Not negative, but just indifferent towards it. Sort of like, let's just get this thing over with. You're ready for it! If you weren't you'd be a nervous ninny right now. Good luck!!!!!

  15. Just found your blog through Tall Mom. Good luck this weekend! I ran my first marathon this past October. I think it's normal to be kind of complacent.... Keeps everything in check, you know?! In any case, have a great race and have FUN!



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