Friday, February 5, 2010

Announcing my second Marathon!

Happy glorious Friday!

Even though it is raining cats and dogs and I'm anxious about how to get my run in this weekend,
I am stoked that it's Friday! Don't you find that Fridays always feel special regardless of the weather? :)

I am postponing my regular Feature Fridays today, because I have a much more exciting piece of news to share:

James and I finally signed up for our second marathon!

And the race we're running is.....

Here's a clue: It's already listed on my side bar. It's in CA. It's my first "really big race". It's in March. It's going to be awesome.

It's the.....

LA Marathon!

We are both super excited about this race! Some of the points I'm most looking forward to:
  1. Trying to beat my time from the first marathon
  2. Running in Dodger Stadium! (image source)
  3. Running on Rodeo Dr (window shop and run a marathon at the same time? Count me in!) (image source)
  4. Out running Paris Hilton (the chances of her running are slim to none, but you never know)
  5. Running a course I've never run on before
  6. Running my first "big race" (More than 2,000 runners)
  7. Finishing at Santa Monica and the beach party
  8. Exploring a new city my favorite way.... by running!
  9. Hopefully bumping into some fellow bloggers!
  10. Running with my favorite partner James again :)
This year the LA Marathon is debuting their brand spanking new course, and since I've never spent a lot of time in LA (though I live only like, 2 hours away) I'm looking forward to exploring it in a much more intimate way.

My Round 2 of Marathon Training is going OK: not the best, but I'm satisfied. I already have a 16 miler and 18 miler under my belt, and will tackle a 20 and 22 miler in the weeks to come. As with the previous round of training, I think my highest mileage week will top off at around 30 miles. (pathetic I know... but it works for me) But my body feels much stronger this time around, and I have not been having debilitating knee pains or ITB pain (thanks to strength training and yoga). A little bit of pain from my pinched nerve, but thankfully nothing major.

And crikey! It's only 43 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I really am looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers! If I contact you to meet up; please don't think I'm a creepy stalker :)

And I'm off to do a ritualistic dance to make the rain stop :)

Have a runnerific weekend!

Oh and before you leave, check out some awesome giveaways in blogland:
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Recovery Socks at Tall Mom on the Run

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  1. Good for you!!!! Congrats on signing up!

  2. Oh wow, it's so SOON! I take it you've been considering this for a while. Congrats on making the decision - sounds like a great one!

  3. Can't wait to read the race report -- you'll be posting it before you know it!
    I've heard mixed reviewed on yoga for runners -- me, I'm not a yoga type of person but others swear by it. Glad to know it is working for you.

  4. Hi Julia,
    Awesome! Congrats on signing up for the LA marathon, and lucky get to run with your very handsome friend James! You are going to do great and it sounds like it will be a fun one!! Make sure that you take lots of pictures and post them on your blog!

    Have a great weekend Julia!!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!! For some reason I had a sneaky suspiscion this was coming, don't ask why I just did. I mean why else are you putting in such long runs and what better race to do than the one that all the other bloggers are jazzing about! LOL! So excited for you girly!!! :)

  6. haha - Whoop!! signing up is The biggest motivation, in my opinion!! you'll rock the upcoming 20's like nobody's business!! ;) Blogger meet up - WHOOOP!!

  7. How exciting! You're going to have (and run) a great time.

  8. Sounds like you are ready to conquer LA! Very cool and it isn't too far away either. You are going to have a blast. Sounds like training is going well.

  9. Wow! How cool to be running on Rodeo Dr! I could never afford anything in any of those stores but that would be a very cool way to see LA. So excited for you!

  10. yay for blogger meet up!!! those are the best!!! yay for marathon number 2!!! i loved my 2nd one!

  11. I've heard such great things about LA marathon - good luck to you, I look forward to your journey there!

  12. Congrats on choosing your next conquest! I am so with you, THE BEST way to see a city is to run it!

  13. Yay! Can't wait to watch you conquer marathon #2! Cheers to a PR and beating Paris Hilton. He he.

  14. Wow, I'm looking forward to following your's going to be exciting! Here's wishing you all the luck in the world!

  15. Thats great! The race is coming up fast! I have heard of a few people running that race!

  16. CONGRATS on picking a 2nd marathon! Big races are awesome! My second half I ran with 11,000 people--nuts but I LOVED IT!!! What an awesome course!

  17. awesome!! i just saw this tweet from POM online and thought of you...sounded cool? - LA runners! Who wants 2 run LA Marathon sponsored by POM? No reg fees, but gotta Tweet and get interviewed after. Send DM to Andrea@POM

  18. I'm signed up for LA - just 41 days left. It will be great to leave rainy NorCal and run to the beach. See you there!!

  19. The Long Beach 5k and 10k marathon is all about Team Spirit! Teams are made up of individuals...a group of friends, family members or coworkers, fundraising to support breast and ovarian cancer programs at Long Beach Memorial's Todd Cancer Institute. Join the 15th Annual Team Spirit Long Beach 5k and 10K marathon and help put an end to breast and ovarian cancer today! To start a team, simply start spreading the word! A small team consist of 5-15 members. A large team consist of 16+ members. Prizes for top fundraising teams will be awarded in each size level for 2014 Teams. We will give additional prizes out for the top individual fundraiser and the most spirited individual.



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