Friday, February 26, 2010

Feature Friday: Totally nerdified


Ok that is all :)

Thanks for all your interesting comments on the nutrition label discussion. It really is interesting to hear different opinions, new knowledge, etc. I think for now, I'm just gonna have to brush up on my math skills. This is easier said than done for someone who needs to use her fingers to figure out 7X9. And I wish I were kidding. (Apparently, according to my fingers, it is 63)

So I know earlier in the week, I promised to debut my new look. So even though I look like a villain from the Matrix, or some deranged online stalker, here it is:

I threw in some Japanese in there per a reader's suggestion! :)

So um yeah. It is confirmed. I've always felt like a nerd, but felt that something was missing. Now I feel complete! haha.

The story is that I never realized I had bad eyes. I mean... I knew my vision wasn't perfect, but I didn't think it was that bad. I just thought it was normal that I couldn't see far away, or read the TV screen, or read street signs. I never thought twice about it until I went to go get my Japanese driver's license renewed back in December.

DMV Man: "Do you wear glasses?"
Me: "no"
DMV Man: "And you're driving like this? You're gonna kill someone!"
Me: "My eyes aren't that bad...."
DMV Man: "Let's just HOPE you see enough today to pass the test!"

Um...ok. Uh oh......
So I went to the optometrist, and WOW! I never realized exactly how much I wasn't seeing until I tried on some lenses. WOW! Everything is crystal clear now!

And what a difference it makes when driving at night! I never realized just how much I was "guesstimating" while driving in the dark. I was guessing where the lines on the road were, guessing the distance between cars.... oh boy! (Good thing I live in a very small town with only like, one major road)

I found these Danish frames at the Optometrist's office, and I am in love with them! Of course they fit my face well because I am Danish too! Yay, how perfect is this? :)

So I know it's not running related. But there is a life lesson to be learned: Get your eyes checked out! :)

Running related updates include the last long run before the LA Marathon. 22 miles.... no biggie, right....? I am just hoping and praying to dear god that it stops raining by Sunday. I am really quite tired of this El Nino weather. Wish me luck :)

Have a super splendid awesome sweet kick-ass weekend!


  1. Uh oh.... that sounds like exactly how I would describe my vision. :S

    Opto appointment for me...

    Nice lenses!

  2. I remember the first time I put on glasses and such a difference it was! I hope you have a great weekend :-)

  3. Haha...i had the exact same feelings when i got my glasses...way back in 3rd grade. :)

    Best of luck on your run!

  4. My glasses story is similar. I went to the DMV for license renewal and the bored woman behind the desk said OK, look in the box and read the third line. I leaned in and ... saw nothing. I asked her politely, umm, turn it on please. She said it is on and can't I see? I said I saw nothing. She said ok you failed, and now have a glasses restriction on your license, i.e., I'd get a ticket if I was driving sans glasses. What? I need glasses? Or is this some DMV trick?

    I go to the optometrist, get glasses, and WOW. Like the whole world came into focus. I remember seeing leaves on a tree, crisply and clearly. And driving at night I always try to wear them, even today. I noticed it in the approaching headlights of cars coming at me. Playing gold is also a different. Before I used to hit a shot, and the ball would just dissolve into the distance. now I can actually see it. Now, 20 years later, my eyes haven't deteriorated, and I still wear them to drive.

  5. Hi Julia,
    Nice glasses...they make you look very savvy and sophisticated!! Isn't it great when everything really comes into focus?? I am glad that you can see:) Have a great weekend!!

  6. I like your frames. I got glasses a few years back after contacts just did not work for me. I actually kind of like wearing my glasses, as nerdy as that sounds!

  7. OMG. I'm so blind with out my contacts. I can literally run into a wall if I'm not careful!

    Hope it stops raining - and you are right, this weather is crazy. It's been way too cold here in Florida and I'm over it.

  8. love the new specs! you look so cute!!!!

  9. cute! i got new glasses last week too - kinda similar looking (squarey red/brown with blue inside - loooove). what a difference a new prescription makes :)

  10. Those glasses look hottie! Veyr smart. :o)

  11. OMG that glasses thing is hillarious! be careful out there :)



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