Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What do YOU think Wednesdays: Bike race or running race?

Guess who's gonna go hang out with star fish and octopuses and shark embryos today?
That would be yours truly here, and I am soooo excited! All this as a part of work, too. Shu-weet! :)

So here's something I would love to hear your guys' opinions about....
To bike, or to run: that is the question

See, there is a really awesome bike ride and a running race on the same day. I can't decide which one to sign up for!
Here's the scoop:

Bicycle Ride: Gold Coast Ride for Literacy

  • My first bike "race"!
  • Flat and easy 30 miles
  • For a good cause
  • Chance to meet other cyclists
  • Support crew and aid stations
  • Traveling needed (about 40 minutes)
  • Will be by myself (James doesn't have a bike)
  • Will end up costing me more than the running race (but less than $30 more)
  • If I can't make a friend to ride with, I might get lonely (but its only 30 miles)
Onto the running race

Santa Barbara Chardonnay 10 Miler (website currently down for some odd reason)
Here's a video from 2009

  • Route is pretty
  • Only ten miles!
  • Run with James
  • No traveling required
  • WINE TASTING post race
  • Cheaper than bike ride
  • A new race distance
  • Route surface not the best for running
  • same old, same old
So.... hmm... they both sound equally good to me. What would you choose? Please help me decide :) Thanks muchos muchos!

In terms of running, I am still taking a break. I am starting to feel and recognize muscular imbalances in my legs/hips that may be the culprit to my pain. Hopefully I can go see a PT or something, if not, work on stretching and strengthening my hips.

Have a splendid Humpday! Can you believe tomorrow is already April? 2010 is flying by. oh my.


  1. I think you should do the bike race! Mix it up a bit. :)

  2. I'd go for the bike race, because there are almost always running races around, aren't there? Test out those wheels, girl!

  3. do something different!! Do the Bike race! You only live once!

  4. I would choose the run. Mainly because I am slightly afraid of straight up bike races, give me a tri, fine, but bike races=scary. But, also wine tasting? And you have someone to run with? I would say wait for another weekend to do the bike and RUN!

  5. I have a bias towards running events but maybe with your running woes, you might find the biking race more comfortable.

    Also, thanks for that student lunch post you did a while back. It was really interesting and gave me something to think about and share with my family and friends. I still go and look at those sites every week!

  6. I always pick to run...but that's cause I suck at biking so I'm really not an impartial voter

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