Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Um yeah. So it looks like I'm gonna do a 55 mile bike ride next weekend.
Somehow 30 miles was just too..... easy.
55 miles sounded more "up my alley."
I mean....why pay $$ for a race/ride if you're NOT gonna be challenged, right?
Never mind that I don't own correct bike gear either. I do own cycling shorts, but no jersey tops. That' OK.
And never mind that it might rain. I paid. That means I gotta ride, I guess!
55 miles for the Gold Coast Ride for Literacy. April 17. Just Do It. :)

And one other confirmed race: Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon in June! I thought about doing the full, but decided to give my leggies a much needed break. I have heard awesome things about the Rock 'n' Roll series, so I am very very excited. LA Marathon had a lot of live bands playing along the route, and boy, does that kind of energy make a difference! The Rock 'n' Roll race is going to have live local music at every mile. Since I run sans iPod, I LOVE the fact that they are gonna provide entertainment. I just think it ups the adrenaline level to the max! I don't think I will be running this Half with a PR in mind. More on that to come!

Speaking of cycling, I went on a 23 mile ride on Sunday. It was supposed to be 30 miles. What happened?

Well, it started off great. I had a new route; a challenging and hilly course into the wind. You would think that would deter me, but I actually welcomed the challenge. It really was a great ride; the roads were pretty empty, I was feeling strong, and I was getting a great workout!

It was going fabulously until mile 23 when I stopped at a bike shop to fill my tires up with gas. Seemed like a great idea at the time.

I was fumbling around with the air pump they had there.... only to realize too late that the it had the wrong nozzle for my bike. My rear tire is completely flat at this point. OH SH!T. It's too far to walk my bike home. The bike shop is closed because it's Sunday. I don't want to use my emergency kit. There is not a soul around. OH CRAP.

I call James: "HELP!!!! I'm stranded!!!"
Thank goodness for boyfriends. He promptly came to my rescue and somehow we managed to pack my bike in his compact car. A quick trip to Sports Authority and 25 bucks later, I bought a piece of equipment I probably should have gotten when I first bought my bike;

An air pump.

That's right ladies and gentleman. I am SUCH a cycling rookie.
Oh, did I tell you I'm riding 55 miles next Saturday????????????????????? Dang.
(at least they will have road side assistance and bike crews at the aid stations so I won't be left completely to my own devices)
You live and you learn.

Speaking of races/bike equipment, I realized my priorities are completely skewed. I have spent a couple hundred in the last couple of months on races, etc, and have completely denied myself of getting a haircut that is VERY MUCH NEEDED, and buying a couple of items from the bookstore that I also VERY MUCH NEED. I can't justify spending 80 bucks for things I absolutely need, yet I keep signing up for races and buying equipment. GAHHHH. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyhooooooo. I think I'm gonna cut my own hair. Since when is

Racing>every thing else I need to get

oh how my life has changed :)


  1. Ahhh good luck! I can't wait to read the recap!

  2. Good luck!! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. Good news that you've gotten yourself a bike pump! I suppose I should look into that once I start riding more than 5K from home. :)

    Also exciting news on the race!!



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