Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 mile FAIL

Revenge match is on the horizon. Perhaps not this weekend (they are predicting rain), but I will not be defeated!

This is where the love/hate relationship with running kicks into gear. I have been having such a great streak of running, loving every minute of it, feeling on cloud nine. Then BOOM. A tough, sucky run, and I don't ever want to run again. Bah. But no. 13 miles, you better watch out cause I am gonna kick your A$$ soon.

So, what happened? I don't know. Saturday was a rest day, and my body felt amazing. Got 9 hours of sleep, and woke up on Sunday feeling sore and tired. WTF? Also, it was like, 70+ degrees out. WTF? It's November... I was expecting nice cool running weather. Unexpected heat+first long run in over a month=Brutal. Also, I decided it would be great to eat roasted sweet potatoes for breakfast. And I didn't get in a pre-game dump (TMI sorry, but it's crucial to why the run sucked).

I couldn't believe I could BARELY squeeze out 3 miles before I needed to stop and gasp for breath. WTF. I couldn't even run THREE MEASLEY MILES. WTF. I serioulsy wanted to throw in the towel right then and there and slump home in shame. But I kept going.
Mile 5 and gas started. Dang you sweet potatoes! Then cramps. Oh great. This is going to be fun.
Then a killer hill. Oh I am such a hill pansy now! Had to stop at the end of the hill.
Mile 6. Need another break. Do I give up or keep going? I was sooooooooooooooo tempted to go home, but decided to do another 3mile loop. Another hill. Feel like crap.
Mile 9. Ugh.
Mile 10.25. Finally throw in the towel. Body feels like crap.
Dang it. I REALLY wanted to reach 13!

I can make all the excuses I want. I didn't have the best breakfast. It was hot out, I haven't done a long run in over a month, I've had seriously the MOST physically and mentally challenging month and I'm still tired from it, I haven't rested in a while, I mentally psyched myself out, I haven't been eating the best this past month...yada yada yada.

So I chased the awful run with a fun 20 mile bike ride. Ahhhh. Much better.
But Man.... I've had a nagging headache ever since the bike ride. And just been SO tired. Like, extremely tired. It's like I can't get enough sleep. I feel like I'm in high school again! Iron deficiency? Fatigue? Dehydration? I've been chugging water and eating iron rich foods. Hope to kick this headache and return with a vengeance.

13 miles; be prepared for an a$$ whooping!


  1. Sorry your run sucked! But it lets me know you are at least human - i was beginning to think you were some super-power being!! ;)

  2. I'm sorry your run sucked hun! :( Hang in there, that cardio workout you did was amazing! so glad i got to meet you in cali!

  3. It happens. You're gonna have good days and bad days. Think of it this way though: Now you've "used up" your bad run. That should leave you with only good ones for a while. ;)



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