Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkalicious triathlon on the horizon

Gobble gobble!

Dang. I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving week?
Before grad school began, my weeks seemed to d-r-a-g on, but ever since my new crazy stage of my life began, I seem to have gone on fast-forward or something! Not that I am complaining.

So even though it didn't rain like they said it would this weekend (grr weather channels always get it wrong!) I didn't get my revenge match 13 miler in. That's ok. I decided to have a "restful" weekend; 90 min of adrenaline filled, heart pumping spinning on Sat, 4ish miles on the treadmill and a "Body Pump" class on Sunday. I've been enjoying the lifting classes at my gym; they really do a lot of arms/shoulder work that I otherwise wouldn't do on my own. Since my arms are noodles, hopefully these classes will beef em up a little.

Also, I've been eating more beef and a Japanese seaweed called Hijiki to up my iron intake. I was feeling super light headed and tired last week, and upping my iron helped a lot! (Hijiki image source)

Another reason why I wanted to take it semi-easy this weekend, is because I signed up for my final triathlon to top off the 2010 triathlon season!

I signed up for the Turkey Triathlon 2010 which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I'm super excited about this race. It's going to be cold as heck though! The swim will be in a lake as opposed to the ocean, and I hear this race is quite hilly, which will be good practice for the Vineman Half Ironman. It will also be the "longest" triathlon I have done to date; half mile swim, 14 mile ride, 4.5 mile run. Apparently, the slight increases in the distance is enough to really notice the difference. Hope it's not too tough! I'm not going to "race" this one, but just try to work off some of the Thanksgiving feast, and get more experience with the whole triathlon thing :)

But actually, I am mainly excited for the triathlon to receive this:
How ADORABLE is this medal? Turkeys doing a swim bike run! After I saw this medal, I absolutely HAD to race this event! Seriously. It's got to be one of the cutest medals ever.

T minus 6 days till my third triathlon!

....gotta go rent a wetsuit :)
Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good luck! Great way to get through the holidays!

  2. Wahoo! Love the medal!!! Good luck! <3

  3. Just found your blog. Love! :)

    Best of luck with your half ironman training!

  4. That medal is supper cool.




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