Monday, January 24, 2011

What not to say when you meet Macca

Good morning! It's another gorgeous clear, sunny, warm day in Southern CA. I don't know if this is typical weather in this part of town or not, but I am LOVING it. It feels like it's summer. I've been doing my homework outside sipping on some coffee... definitely makes paper writing a lot more enjoyable!

So this weekend was definitely a memorable one for me. I attended the Endurance LIVE event down in San Diego, which was a Triathlon Expo open to the public. The event was hosted by the Competitor Group; which many of you will most likely know as the hosts of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series.

I debated attending all week (long drive, ppl I wanted to go with backed out, school work was PILING know how the list goes on... haha), but I am SO glad I made the trip down!

I arrived right when it opened at 9AM. I made my way through the booths, looking at all the cool new products and services. I stopped by the GU booth, where they were just giving out samples left and right! I walked away with a GU BREW packet (never tried this, seems promising!), a vanilla GU pack, and their new flavor Cherry Lime Roctane. I recently tried and LOVED the vanilla flavor, so I can't wait to test out the Cherry Lime Flavor soon!

I also found a bunch of races I want to sign up for, including TRIFECTA, which is a weekend of triathlons, cycling, and running races in June. Um.... Awesome!

Another cool thing about the event was that there were seminars going on all day. Here is Matt Fitzgerald talking about achieving racing weight: Um yeah.... remind me again to stop eating Holiday treats. I definitely gained some this season! ahhhhh! haha. Gahhhh I know. I need to jump back on the wagon Matt!

There were some awesome bikes at the expo, too. I definitely stood there oggling bikes for a bit. They were so pretty!

Remind me to go buy some lottery tickets, yah? :)

I strolled downtown SD for some lunch, and on my way back to the expo, I was walking behind this fit looking couple. I didn't think anything of it for a few minutes until I realized....

Guess who!

Yeah I definitely felt like a stalkerazzi taking this photo!

(PS that is Kara Goucher!)

The expo was a lot of fun, and talking with all the vendors was interesting as well. There's so much fun gear associated with triathlons.

BUT, by FAR the most exciting thing about the event was this:

Ironman World Champs!
And me!

Only two of one of the most bad ass people around! I mean, omg! What an awesome experience
And wow! To see up close and personal their bodies! So lean and strong without an ounce of extra body fat. Amazing. I need to start taking Matt Fitzgerald's advice pronto! :)

Having the chance to meet Chrissy Wellington was just unreal. I mean... isnt she like, the ultimate goal/role model/motivation/inspiration for female triathletes? Her talent is just out of this world.
And you know what else I found absolutely amazing? She was so....nice! When I went up to her she just was so earnestly thanking me! Hearing her say "Thank you Julia!" was crazy! She just seemed so sincere and down to earth. I told her she was such an inspiration and it was just plain awesome to get to meet her.

I also got to meet Macca. I guess my brain got taken over by evil aliens, because out of ALL the things I could have said to him, I asked him if he bought a whole bunch of his Wheaties boxes to decorate his house with.

WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, Julia? REALLY? gahhhh.... embarrassing!

One of my favorite seminars of the day was Enduring Women, a panel with Miranda Carfrae, Chrissy Wellington, Rebecca Rusch, and Kara Goucher. WOW. Hearing these womens' stories is absolutely motivating. I literally was hanging off the edge of my chair in excitement. It's so crazy how talented these women are, how driven, and how just plain awesome they are.
I tried my best to capture some of the footage, but honestly, I was way too interested in hearing them speak to really worry about filming.

It was seriously an awesome event. Except for the whole Wheaties comment, lol ;)
I could go on and on about how spectucular it was, but I am going to start sounding ridiculous :)

Now I am more motivated than ever to train hard for my half Ironman! My bike's in the shop getting all tuned up and ready for the season ahead!


  1. What a great event! How amazing to be able to meet Chrissie and Macca! The Wheaties comment is hilarious! Wait, did he get lots of boxes to decorate his house? (:

  2. Those of us with a long memory can compare Mr. Busch's prose of today with that of years ago -- and be delighted at how much more interesting and incisive it has become.



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