Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timberwolf 5K Race Report and NBA All Star Magenta Carpet Nerd-dom

Happy Tuesday everyone!
You know what time of year it is now? It is definitely one of my favorite seasons ever;


Creme filled, caramel filled, mini eggs, dark mini eggs. Obsessed. I am going to gain 15 pounds. haha. And it will be more than worth it!

Ok I kid. I am obsessed, but onto more interesting news.
This weekend I ran the Timberwolf 5K in Irvine. It was held at the Northwood High School, and their mascot is the Timberwolf, hence the name. This was only my second 5K! Can you believe it? I don't know why I was so scared of it for such a long time. I mean, it's cheap, I'm done in less than 25 min, I get a tshirt and free food and a medal, and I don't have to train! I should do this more often!

I have never been to this part of Irvine before and had NO idea what to expect in terms of the crowd or the course. I signed up merely for the fun of it :)

I showed up at 7am and parking was easy, and got my packet no problem at all. I was worried about the weather; it had rained all night and the clouds looked pretty sketch. I just prayed I wouldn't have to run another wet race.

The race started at 8am. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many kids showed up! There was this one group called the 'Equalizers', made up of a bunch of tiny little completely buffed up toddlers and pre-teens. Seriously, these tiny little kids were RIPPED, had this super cool running uniform and looked totally intimidating. All four feet and 60 pounds of them.

And MAN! These kids FLEW! Seriously. OMG. I have no idea who these super runner kids are. The top three overall female spots were all won by pre-teen who ran the 5K in less than 18 minutes! Hollllyyyyyy!! Click HERE to see what I'm talking about!

And the course was quite challenging, too; with a whole mile of uphill. Thankfully, it didn't rain, and it was a pretty day and the scenery was very peaceful and beautiful with views of the hills.
For photos please click HERE and HERE and HERE. I kind of just chilled at a nice steady pace. I didn't really feel like racing that day, honestly. I just wanted an excuse to run in a race environment, cause it's waaaaay more fun than running alone on the treadmill!

Though the course was challenging with more hills than I had anticipated, the finish was a nice downhill, and I finished at an OK time. Not my best, not anything to be particularly excited about, but guess what?

I placed first in my AG! Wahoo! hahaha. That's always a nice little surprise. I hung around and got my Timberwolf medal ;)

BUT, the absolute coolest thing about this race was all the free food! They were giving out free egg/chorizo burritos at the finish line along with juice, water, and smoothies. And to top THAT all off, we also got coupons for free CHIPOTLE burritos! Um..... heck to the yes!
I ended up getting a carnitas burrito bowl. Ahhhh it was so good! I also snagged two samples of these pretzel chips.

All in all it was a fun little local race, and another podium finish to boot!

Sunday was a fun day as well; gym time in the morning, and then NBA All Star Festivities and Tri Club Party in the afternoon and night!

I got to be a part of the T-Mobile Magenta Carpet audience for the NBA All Star Festivities and watch up close and personal some of the Basketball players and celebrities walk the red carpet.

Of course, it would be the ONE DAY my camera craps out on me. I had to take all these photos on my crappy phone camera. Look at his shiny fancy suit! Sorry, I have NO CLUE the names of any of the players who walked by. But some of the names/faces I DID recognize were Kobe, Lebron James, Pau Gasol, Rondo, and Kellan Lutz.
Of course, everyone was all dressed up fancy, but this is how I rolled:
Nerd face!
AHhhhh hahaha. Totally NOT embarrassed. :)
It's cool. I was there with my best friend from college and we matched in our nerdiness.

We were there for a while, but decided we were bored cause we didn't really know who any of these people were. So we decided to leave. This is how the convo went down with the red carpet organizer.

Me: Hi, how do we get out of here? We want to leave
Organizer (who looked totally dapper in a really awesome suit): Um, why? The celebrities are JUST about to arrive. 30 minutes till all the musicians and people arrive.
Me: Um, but we have to leave
Organizer: Jay-Z and Beyonce are just about to arrive though!
Me: Ummm..... I'm not particularly interested.....

Total Nerd-dom! You should have SEEN the face on the organizer! I'm sure it was the first time he's ever heard 'not particularly interested' about Jay-Z and Beyonce! haha. It's cool. Im not a celeb paparrazi, and besides, I had my Triathlon club mixer to attend to !

Haha. Anyways. That's me. Mayor of Nerdsville. ;)

Have a good one!


  1. Congrats on your AG win!! That's a really cool shirt too.

  2. I am so with you on the Cadbury Creme Eggs...it's definitely worth running an extra couple of miles to work off 171 calories (UK version) and earn an egg!

  3. I am sorry, but I hate you!!! :) Firstly because the 5Ks you enter actually give out medals, and secondly because you are done in 25 min or less!!! Congrats on the AG win!
    I prefer the Cadbury mini eggs, but I won't say no to chocolate. I probably should...

    Great red carpet story!!



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