Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do YOU think Wednesdays II - Compression Pantyhose

Buenos dias!
We are having thunder and lightning over here....! It's definitely keeping my adrenaline high! I am considering this foul weather as nature's way of getting us even for having had near perfect weather all winter long ;) I just hope it clears up by my long run this weekend!

So for my second installment of What do YOU think Wednesdays, I would like to talk about a line of products very popular in Japan, but haven't really seen in America. (correct me if I'm wrong)

Exhibit A: Compression Pantyhose

I know compression socks are popular amongst runners and other athletes, (I've been very jealous of all the bloggers out there with their fancy compression socks! ;) ) but I have never seen them outside of the context of sports.

The compression socks I have seen in America look, well..... clinical. Though they come in pretty colors like pink, I still think most women would find them unattractive. And Expensive!!!!! (the reason why I don't own a pair yet. Told you I was stingy!)

Enter Japanese Compression Pantyhose and hosiery.

Leave it up to the Japanese to cute-ify even compression/recovery gear!

Slim Walk is one of the leading brands of compression hosiery in Japan. It is widely popular, available everywhere (7-11, drugstores, grocery stores, etc) and cheap!

You can see the whole line up of products here. There's fishnets, stockings, knee highs, black tights, beige tights....you name it. And you gotta admit, it's aesthetically women-friendly.

It was developed with the OL in mind- (Office Ladies) women who spend hours everyday at their desks, or commuting, or walking around. It's designed to minimize the swelling of the calves, prevent discomfort, make your legs look slimmer... all things women desire.

It offers graduated compression just like the American socks. Each pair of socks/stockings is labeled with how much pressure it offers, and ranges from 13 hPa - 30 hPa. And it's CHEAP! Prices range from $13-$20.

I picked up this pair on my recent trip to Japan:
Slim Walk Compression Socks. The toes are cut off, apparently, for comfort. It offers 25hPa of pressure around the ankle, and around 17hPa as it moves up the calf. It cost me about $15.
Here's how they look on my legs.
Well you are all probably wondering....... Do they work?

Keep in mind that I have nothing to compare it to, but yes. It works.
I wear it at home after work when I'm just puttsing around, I wear it after I work out, I wear it when I feel tired, or when I feel like I might swell up again. (My calves have a tendency to BLOAT). I usually remove the socks after a few hours, and each time, my calves have felt really good. It's not a miracle cure to my swelling of course, but it has definitely kept it under control.

I can see how beneficial the full length compression pantyhose would be to women who need to wear heels everyday, or be on their feet all day. I especially love how the boxes are marked with exactly how much pressure is provided. I looked at American products, and none of them disclose how much pressure it offers.

So now comes the fun part: What do YOU think?
  • Would you ever want to wear compression hosiery? Or do you know someone who might benefit from such a product?
  • What do you think about the Slim Walk Line Up, aesthetically speaking?
  • If such products were imported and sold in USA, would you buy it?
  • Would there be a way to make these products dude-friendly?
I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I know this is a female-centric product, but I would love to hear men's perspectives as well. Or you could just offer up some thoughts about compression gear in general. Have you ever tried any compression products?

Thanks for all your amazing insight! Hope your day is truly Humpalicious!


  1. I'm a big fan of Recovery Sock and compression socks in general... I'd probably try them!

    I like that the toes are open in yours...

  2. i've seen hosiery like this at cvs next to the very clinical diabetic compression socks. they have women's dress socks and hose. i think they might even have the psi like the ones you saw. might be worth a peak at the cvs or walgreens websites. definitely not as wide a range (just black or nude) of colors but i think they are findable here too. i've tried the strong compression ones and think the lighter compression might be good to wear all day (without the tingly feeling)...

    love your open toe socks!!!

  3. Ok I totally dig those! I love my recovery socks but yes, they are not very pretty (besides being shocking pink) and I feel silly rocking them to breakfast but dang it all they help my legs recover. I would so pick some of these up!!!

  4. I'm still a little lost as to what Compression/Recovery socks actually DO...so my opinion on these is a little skewed..haha

    I'd definitely TRY them out! For only $13-20? sure! maybe once I actually wore them around I'd have a better idea of what the point was. ;)

    Dude-friendly? Hmm...that'll take some creativity...

  5. Looks like a great product. I havent tried compression socks yet, but have a pair being shipped to me so hopefully I'll have an opinion soon :)

  6. I really like that idea. Though I NEVER wear hose, I like your cut offs and I could surely see myself wearing something like that (once I get a real job that is). I don't have compression socks, but I'm stingy like you and don't feel like throwing down $60+ for socks. For now I use old soccer socks that are tight and pretend like they are doing something for me. The placebo effect works for me.

  7. I guess I've never really thought about compression panty hose. I've alwasy been intrigued by the compression socks that I see runners wearing, but...maybe I should consider some compression hose. I am on my feet all and day 9 times out of 10 I am wearing heels so...thanks for the info!

  8. I have oxy sox! i love trying different compression socks! i did have some inVigorator compression socks but i lost them! booo hooo

  9. Ok so when I readd this post, I literally ran to my closet and dug out the pantyhose I bought at Macy's 2 years ago. I had all but forgotten I even had a pair! It's called Silk Reflections Leg Benefits from Hanes and the packaging says it "improves circulation while invigorating legs."


    Thanks to the rediscovery, I might give them a try soon.

    PS: They're for $8.95!

  10. i want to try compression socks but some are super pricey, like $60. lame. still on the edge of whether to invest or just buy some old people's clothing and call it a day.

  11. Most American brands don't show compression values because they aren't "compression" hosiery. They are "support" hosiery."

    There is a wide-range of fashionable hosiery with compression values available at

    I'm a guy who wears compression hosiery for health reasons, and I buy all my compression rated hosiery from the women's section at Footsmart.

    Why in the world do people think only women have leg health issues?!

  12. Anonymous;
    Thanks for the link. You're totally right; I feel like a lot of products that have unisexual (is that a word?) appeal are only marketed for women; like skin care (guys get dry skin too!)and I guess leg care too. New market opportunity perhaps...???



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