Monday, May 11, 2009

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon Recap

The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon - my FIRST half marathon, was a success!
I accomplished both goals i set for myself; run the whole thing without stopping, and run it in two hours.

Official Time: 2:00:59.1 (!)

I'm pretty sure I could have run the thing in less than two hours, because for the first two miles I could hardly run since it was so crowded. But everything considered, it was a super awesome race!
Here's me hauling ass towards the finish line. I was pretty much SPENT at this point. Wanna know why? Well, being the silly goose that I am, thought the finish line was going to be right around the corner. So I sprinted with all that I had around the corner..... only to find the finish line was all the way down the street. Dang! Haha, so I really was running on empty at this point, but I managed to finish with my goal time!

I'm not gonna go too much into detail about the race... other than it was a great race with great views. The best part about this race is the Post-Race WINE TASTING!

They turned a park into a huge wine tasting extravaganza! It was awesome. There were like, 10 wineries there, and you could taste as much wine as you want! I honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate the end of a run! haha.

Anyway, this halfie made me want to do more halfies. I know I will. Next stop Maui?

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  1. Nice job!! You looked GREAT finishing that!! (regardless of if they moved the finish line down the street or not!! Ha!)



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