Monday, June 15, 2009

An active weekend.

I absolutely refuse to sit inside and lounge around on a weekend, especially when the sun is out! I feel like I'm letting all the good sunshine go to waste if I just sit inside and watch TV or something. I get this incredible urge to go outside and play!

I spent Saturday at the pool, goofing around and hitting up the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi feels amazing, especially when you have sore muscles. On Sunday, I walked to the Farmer's Market with James, and found a park on the way there. I got so excited to see some swings! I can't even remember the last time I played on the swings, so I gave it a shot.

I swear, little kids have got it right. They know how to have a blast! Us grown ups sometimes forget how to just let ourselves enjoy the moment.

At the market, I picked up some juicy peaches, plums, apricots, and a couple of eggplants. Ever since I started shopping at farmers markets, I can't buy fruit anywhere else. The juiciness, the flavorfulness, and the freshness of Farmers Markets just CAN'T be beat! Yuuuuummmm :) Plus, it's always good to support our local agriculture.

Check out these funky veggies: Sinqua and Opo. I have never heard of them nor tried them. I wonder what they are?

After that little adventure, James and I set out on a 8-9 mile run. The weather was gorgeous, and I hadn't run in a week, so I was antsy to get out there and hit the pavement! And I can't even BELIEVE what a difference having James run with me made. It was so nice to have a buddy, to have someone to talk to and keep me company. It made the run so much more fun, and the miles just Flew by!

But one thing I noticed is that I really need to learn how to S-L-O-W it down for my long runs. Not that I am a fast runner by any means, but if I want to last for longer mileages, I need to run at a speed that is more comfortable. I was running at a heart rate of 173+ for a good portion of the run, so I need to learn to run at around 160BPM. It's hard, because it's so nice to feel the wind on my face, breathe heavy, and feel my body WORK! But I don't want to get injured, so gotta learn to run slower and longer.

After a quick stop at the Costco food court for some major refueling, we hit up the pool. I wanted to try out my brand spanking new one piece swim suit. I seriously have not put on a onesie since like, elementary school! Haha. But I was able to find a really nice, basic Nike suit for $29.99 at Big 5. I am glad to report that the bathing suit worked well, and it was great to swim without having to worry about a bikini top falling off with each stroke! haha.

My goal for the summer is to get better at swimming. Better, as in learning how to swim more than a couple of laps, and learning to turn around in the lane. Good thing I have another swim date with James planned for Thursday!

Well that wraps up my sunshine filled weekend. And also flowers. As always, it was WAY too short, but hey, only 5 more days till the weekend, right? ;)

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