Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for the Awkward Tan Lines Season

All through middle school and right through college, I used the same watch. It was a cute, dainty Roxy watch. I wore it every day, and during the summer months, it would leave a little patch of pale skin around my wrist, the only sliver of skin untouched by the summer rays. That was how I knew it was summer.

Well this year, my cute little Roxy watch has been replaced by my bulky Polar F4. My cute little sliver of pale skin is now a strikingly white big round blob on my wrist. Oh the glamour of running and awkward tan lines.

But it’s still MUCH better than the time I got an iPod tan on my right arm, the outline of my sunglasses on my face, or my name down my thigh…..

This is gonna be a picture less post, so please enjoy the music as you read. It's "Prisoner Song" by The Aggrolites. I heard this song on my Pandora station, and I love it!

I went to the gym yesterday to do some strength training. I really focused on my upper body. My arms are noodles, so I’m hoping the weights’ll transform them into lean, mean, running and swimming machines!

I did:

  • 25 min on elliptical
  • Cable pulls (12 reps X 3 sets, 65lbs)
  • Kettle bells squats
  • Plank variations I saw on E News! (of all places….)
  • Triceps pull downs on the Bosu Ball (12 reps X 3 sets, 50lbs)
  • Obliques using the Cable machine that my PT taught me
  • Biceps curls (10 reps x 3 Sets, 10 lbs)
  • Side squats
  • Some other stuff I don’t remember
  • FOAM ROLL!!!!

My quads were so TIGHT, so the Foam Roll felt like heaven. I hope they are sufficiently loosened up by the time I run this evening!

Last night, I had an experience that made me feel “Wow, I’m actually becoming a runner!”

What was this enlightening experience, you ask?

Well, I dreamed about running shoes!

My dream included scoring some SWEEEEEET deals on some new kicks. I got a pair of Asics for my “fast” runs, a pair of Nikes for walking, and another pair for regular running. Now, this is practically a wet dream for a broke/frugal/penny pincher such as myself.

In real life though, I have been a Saucony girl for my entire running “career.” Do runners usually stick to one shoe brand? Is it good to own numerous running shoes from different brands? And one question I’ve been thinking about is, is there such thing as a “fast” shoe? I mean, shoes you wear when you want to practice for speed?

My Saucony Hurricane shoes fit fantastic, but they are kind of stiff and fairly heavy, and I don’t think I will be able to sprint in them. Do I need to get a separate shoe? Please share your expertise!

I guess I will be day dreaming about sweet bargains as I go on my run today! I am trying to train my body to want to run multiple times a week again. Good luck, legs!

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