Tuesday, June 30, 2009

its ok to eat a cookie for breakfast

when it's your B-day.
And a brownie at 10am.....

My celebratory highlights for today include above mentioned treats, work, and a potentially painful run after work.

I am such a crazy party animal I know :)

I really need to stop doing weighted squats day before a run. After last week's UBER painful run, I learned my lesson and took it easier during my weights sess yesterday. But still my thighs are hurtin'. It is either from my squats, or the elliptical. I had the elliptical on an easy resistance, so I don't see why my legs would be a-hurtin', but the culprit's gotta be one of those two. I must keep experimenting.

Monday Gym Sess:
25 min elliptical
Cable rows (75 lbs, 12 reps X 3 sets)
Kettle bell (10 lbs) squats (12 reps X 3 sets)
Skull crushers (12 lbs, 10 reps X 3 sets)
Incline abs bench
Shoulders on the cable machine (15 lbs x 2 sets)
Side bends (20 lbs x 2 sets)
Back Extensions (12 reps X 2 Sets)
Triceps and biceps on cable machine
cable machine abs
So it was much easier than last week. I think next time I will omit the kettle bell squats. If legs still hurt, I'll know it's because of the elliptical.

Anyways, considering how it is the anniversay of moi, and I've never really done an "intro" post, I think I'll be self indulgent and talk a little about myself.

Presenting: Me!
  1. Although I write in full sentences on the blog, I like to think/write/talk in bullet points. I don't like it when people tell stories and go off on all sorts of tangents. I've had to tell people "Please give me the Cliffs Notes version of your story"
  2. I like facts. I am an information junkie. I read all the reviews of on Amazon before I buy stuff, compare ingredients of different brands of OTC ibuprofen, read only nonfiction, and read textbooks for fun.
  3. I am obsessed with my cat from home, Skipper. I miss him so so much
  4. I've never been a runner. I started Sophomore year of college when my friend convinced me to go on a jog with her. It was.....fun! Who would have thought? I used to be only able to run like, 15-20 minutes. But I saw improvements so quickly that I kept going.
  5. I ran on and off since then, and decided to get serious about running right around February of this year. I ran my first half marathon in May, and will run Maui Half Marathon in September with James
  6. I danced ballet for a long time. Then I discovered yoga.
  7. I am a certified personal trainer
  8. I grew up in Japan and am bilingual
  9. I have a younger brother who loves European soccer
  10. I like reggae music, Hawaiian music, and other generally chill music. I used to be very punk-rock and angry as a teenager, and thank goodness that was just a phase!
  11. My left foot slightly overpronates
  12. My right wrist has flattened carpals, so I can't do push ups. Bummer
  13. I am super paranoid about getting injured/sick. I freak out about the littlest twinge, even though I have a high pain threshold. Hmmm sounds like an oxymoron
  14. I wish to live in Hawaii
  15. I wish to be active for a long long long time

Wow, that's probably more information than you ever wanted to know about me :)

Maybe I'll do another installment some other time. But for now, I have to go enjoy some more sugary goodness (ie brownies). Because starting tomorrow, I am going to experiment with cutting out as much white flour/sugar as possible (aka DIET, ugh), because even with all the training/working out, I keep gaining weight. I gained 4 pounds from being sick last week. Ick. I swear. Guys try and try for WEEKS and barely gain an ounce. I eat an extra cookie and my butt and gutt gains 15 lbs overnight. UGH.....WHY??? (Note to self, don't step on scale on Birthday morning)

Oh, and go check out Chic Runner's super duper giveaway!


  1. Great post....happy birthday! I ran the Santa Barbara half....what a race! pretty huh?

  2. girl, throw the scale away! just go by how your clothes fit. you look great! i too want to live in hawaii. so long as i don't have to work! ;)

  3. You're a certified personal trainer? How was that process like? I am not in the industry, but have thought about becoming certified.

    Could you tell me a little more about that?

    And yes, definitely have cookies on your birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday! When I read your post about the 1/2 in Maui I thought it would be your birthday week then..anyway, indulge all you want, you're supposed to do that on your birthday, besides, you're teeny-tiny..That's funny you dream of living in HI, because I dream of living in Cali (HI will be my next stop). In fact, I was looking at UCSB for grad school.

    I'm with girl on top about the personal trainer cert, I'm curious!

  5. Happy birthday! Cookies and brownies are ok. I could definitely eat them for breakfast everyday! Actually, in the past I have. Very cool about being bilingual.



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