Monday, June 22, 2009

Making a Splash

"Everybody's working for the weekend...." I sure do!
It was a glorious weekend in S Beezy in terms of weather. On Saturday, I went to the gym with James for a quality strength training session. After 15 min on the elliptical, I spent a good 75 min hitting the weights. Again, I tried to focus mostly on my core and arms. The cable machine and I are quickly becoming best buddies. My abs felt sore the next day, so I guess it's working!

After the gym, we went downtown for the annual SB Summer Solstice Parade! The theme this year was "Splash" so there were tons of pirates, mermaids, frogs, fish, etc.
Goin' fishing with a bra. Haha. There was also some Samba performers, Capoeira performers (who were SOOOOO cool BTW), but my favorite was this funky 7-person "bicycle"/septcycle?

I am amazed that those people did not get motion sickness.

On Sunday James and I could only muster up enough strength to run 6 miles. After the gym, and standing up for 6 hours at the parade/festival, our knees were feeling wobbly. But it was a great run because I found a new, very beautiful route that took us by this big park I never knew existed. That's one thing I've enjoyed about running outside lately; I'm discovering so many different nooks and crannies of my neighborhood I never knew of! I feel very fortunate that I live in such a running-friendly city!

The run itself was good. I was able to stay within my Heart Rate zone, and keep a steady, even pace. I was also able to run without the support of my CW-X pants.
After the run, I spent 25 minutes in the pool, swimming hard. I was panting like crazy. I already feel like I am improving, which is exciting to me.

I also watched Gran Torino this weekend. Good movie! I was crying my eyes out at the end, and slobbering all over the place. I was not expecting it to end like that!!! Has anyone else seen it?

My workout plans for today include going back to the gym for some elliptical and more weights. Gotta get strong for the Semana Nautica 15K next weekend! I only have one more long run before running this race, so I gotta make it count. I also need to experiment with eating gels/sports beans in preparation for this race. I have tried the Sports beans before, and I like them OK, but I didn't like how they got stuck to my teeth and left a sugary after-taste. I have a packet of Hammer Gel (apple-cinammon flavor) that I am going to experiment with this weekend. I have never tried a gel, so hopefully this will work out well. I feel like I will be needing some extra fuel on this race, considering how it is the second longest distance I have ever run, and it will be a hot day. Any recommendations for race fueling will be greatly welcomed! Which flavors, which brands, etc.

And of course, let's not forget
1) I am grateful for Steve!
2) I like to savor the feeling of the warm on my skin
3) I am hopeful that I will rock this 15K race


  1. Congrats on the certificate win! That's so exciting. Way to top off the nice weekend. I use the gu vanilla bean gel and I think it's great. I haven't tried any other flavors, but I hear vanilla is the best so I'm sticking with it. I like it a lot (you just need to be sure to drink plenty of water with it) and I think it works great too.

  2. I saw the movie also! I admit that I may have shed a tear at the end :)

    Congrats on the win!

  3. great blog! i personally enjoy the brand Gu for my gels. the chocolate is tasty but i usually keep that one for when i need something sweet. the fruit flavors are good all the time and are refreshing. just be sure to drink plenty of fluid to wash any of the gels down.



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