Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nothing like slicing your finger open

to start off your morning. Yup. 7AM, rushing around to get everything done before work. The serrated knife and my finger decided to have a date.
Ohhh yeah. I can just tell today is gonna be a good one. It's cloudy too, did I mention?

I'm telling you. My mood has a direct correlation with the weather. The sunnier it is, the cheerier I feel. At least it's not Monday.

Monday Gym Workout:
25 min elliptical
Kettle bell squats with arm raises (10 lbs, 12 reps X 3 sets)
Cable rows (70lbs, 12 reps X 3 sets)
Skull crushers (12 lbs each hand, 10 reps X 3 Sets)
abs on incline bench
Lat pull downs (45 lbs 12 reps X 3 sets)
Hip abductor things the PT taught me
Abs on the cable machine
biceps curls (25 lbs, 10 reps X 2 sets)
Abs thing PT taught me
foam roll!!!
~about 75-80 minutes

I have a four mile run later this evening. My legs are feeling surprisingly fresh today, so hopefully it will be a good run to make up for this morning! And I am hoping it will help me clear my head as well. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my very near future, in terms of living situation and job. I have good reason to be worried about the security of it all, as they have just announced pay cuts. My lease for my current house ends in a couple of months too, and I just don't know what I am going to do at that point, financially speaking. I am also seriously looking into other career opportunities. So I have a lot to think about. Nothing like a run to help me find enlightenment. At least 4 miles of enlightenment.

Sorry to be a betty downer, but thanks for "listening." I thought about just pretending to be cheerful, but honestly, I am finding that writing it down helps me see things in perspective. And now that I am feeling much better; my positivity list, and video that positively made me laugh!

1) I am grateful for the wonderful career opportunities I have had so far
2) I like to savor the smell of my kitten (well, he's a full blown cat by now, but will always be a kitty in my mind) when he is falling asleep on my bed (I find it to be so comforting)
3) I am hopeful that my future will bring nothing but the best!


  1. wow. that monday gym workout is crazy!!! can you send some of that gym motivation my way?

  2. Ah! I can't believe you cut your finger! What a nightmare. Good thing you didn't have to go to the ER or anything. I'm sorry to hear about the doubts with your career, but girl I hear you. I haven't even started my career and I'm already doubting it! Hopefully your run cleared your head and de-stressed. Nice Monday workout!



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