Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Week One Roundup

July 13-19

Monday: Rest
Notes: I feel so restless when resting. So I did a lot of stretching. But nice to have rest day after Sunday Long Runs

Tuesday: 8 X 400
Notes: Garmin came in mail. First training run fail. Ran WAY too fast due to not understanding Garmin use. Got LOTS of fantastic advice from readers.

Wednesday: 14.22 mile bike ride
Notes: Garmy worked great, want road bike

Thursday: Personal Trainer Sesh, impromptu 4X400 at lunch
Notes: Lots of upper body work, and yet my legs get sore.

Friday: 5 miles
Notes: Super sllllooooowwww..... quads super tight from Thursday's training sesh.

Saturday: 50 min swim
Notes: Got GNARLY swim tan on my back. Finally was able to find a rhythm, and actually really enjoyed it. 2nd half was more fun than 1st half.

Sunday: 10 miles
Notes: Ran along the waterfront downtown, and discovered so many new sights! SOOOO much fun.

Total Week One Mileage: 20.5
Total Week One Caloric Expenditure: 4,041
Week One Observations: not bad.... still got a long way to go!

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