Friday, July 17, 2009

Tree Trunk Legs

That's what they feel like this morning.
I told the personal trainer for my session yesterday that I did not want to do a leg-intensive workout. So we did a super intensive upper body workout. I foam rolled the crap out of my quads. And yet, my upper body is as fresh as can be, and my legs are like dead weights. This should make my 4 or 5 mile run this evening very interesting.

Though my legs feel less than stellar, I had a great workout with the trainer. He showed me some moves that I will definitely be incorporating into my routine. We did a lot of throwing around of 12 lb medicine balls. I was scared the entire time the ball was going to land on my head and knock me unconscious or something. I'm pretty sure I had the most frightened expression on my face the entire time, haha. And I hope my arms get stronger with these moves! They are still like noodles.
And speaking of noodle arms, please allow me to rant a little bit. I try to keep positive 90% of the time, but maybe I'm in a weird state of mind cause I had super morbid dreams last night. Oh, and you can totally skip over this part.

Anyways. I wrote earlier about how I am trying to lose 0.5 lbs a week before Maui to get back to where I was in May/before I got sick a few weeks ago. It seems reasonable enough. I have been eating well too; brown-bagging ALL my lunches and snacks, eating lots of protein, and hardly eating anything that comes packaged. Heck, I honestly can't even remember the last time I had a chocolate, a candy bar, a soda, or even a protein bar! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me. (I'm a card carrying member of chocoholics anonymous) I'm exercising 6 days a week, and YET, I've put ON weight this week. This does not a speedy PR breaking Julia make. I'm also bummed cause my pants don't fit anymore, and unfortunately, my office won't let me come to work pants-less. (Darn) My a$$/thighs/gut have definitely gotten an extra layer of love, and yet my arms are noodles and bubbies are fast going into hiding. I honestly thought training would have the opposite effect.....
Ok. End rant

Phew that feels a tad bit better.

And since I cannot start Friday off on a sour note, I need to go back to doing my list of three things.

1) I am grateful that I can now run 10 miles. I remember when 6 miles used to kill me.
2) I like to savor... wow this one is hard today.... um... I like to savor.... Wow I can only think of things I DON'T like to savor.... come on Julia.....ummmm I like to savor every moment of freedom that is my weekend. No spending all day watching TV reruns for this girl!
3) I am hopeful that I will have a PR in Maui!!

Oh and I found out I have been peeling my bananas wrong all this time! Check it out;

Promise I will be in a better mood after I get to run today!
Have a good one!


  1. I got my 15k race top from Target a few weeks ago. They have that one still and some other great colors!

    Have you tried counting your carbs to lose weight. Even a slight cutback on carbs can help you to lose weight but not muscle.

  2. Girl we all go through a funk! You'll get there and remember: Muscle weighs more than fat and you always GAIN first before you loose. Keep the faith, you are doing great!!!!!

    P.S. I too am a card carrying member of Chocoholics and quite frankly we miss you. I KID, I KID! :) Great job staying off the sweets!

  3. Sounds like your personal trainer is awesome!! And, I love the foam roller - they are to die for :)

    Have a fun weekend - and happy running

  4. I'm having a struggle with my weight also, but like Morgan said, muscle does weigh more than fat. I've also found that if you're not adequately fueling your body with enough calories your body will hold on to the fat it has and go into 'starvation' mode, so just keep that in mind.

    Awesome video, that guy seemed kind of awkward though, especially with monkeys on his shorts. It seems like an awesome way to open a banana, although I HATE the butt end of my bananas and I always toss them, opening it the 'wrong' way gives me an easy way to discard my least-liked component. Have a great weekend!

  5. I can also relate to the weight loss struggle. Sometimes it seems the harder I work, the less weight comes off. Keep doing all the right things... hopefully it will pay off!

    That video is awesome. Actually, I'm going to see if there's a banana in the kitchen so I can try it out!!!

  6. How can you stay off sweets? You are awesome!
    Cool video. Learned something new today.

  7. My legs totally felt like dead weight last week too.. it was hard running but they needed to be stretched out!

    i love to get my running clothes from target or nike. i'm a fan of the tempo shorts from nike.. i need to find a top i like and keep buying it in different colors! :)



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