Thursday, July 16, 2009

Muchos Gracias and a triathlon...?

A BIIIIIIGGGG thank you to everyone who commented with some much needed Garmin advice! Sneakersister and Sara, your advice has been super helpful! I think the Garmin and I have plenty more play dates planned to get to know each other better! :) I am quite excited.

Yesterday, I used the bicycling funciton on the Garmie (yes, that's her name now) to go for my 15 mile ride. I only made it to 14.22 miles before I had to get ready for date night. But that's close enough for me! I am seriously wanting a road bike now though. My mountain bike with its fat tires and heavi(er) frame is NOT built for speed on the road. I was getting passed left and right by road bikes. I've seen a couple of nice looking road bikes on Craigslist, and I have been doing a bit of searching around on the internet for bikes, but YOWZA!!!! They are super expensive: I could buy a used car for the price of a bike!!!! DAAANG! And I am quite confused: What is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike?

Oh and a funny thing happened while I was biking. This older man driving his Infiniti slowly creeps up next to me, rolls down his window, and starts talking to me as I'm huffing and puffing my way up a hill. "That's my least favorite part of the ride" he tells me. I can't really hear what he's saying until I hear crystal clear "I could take you for a ride, do you want a ride?"
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW. Please don't try to pick up girls as they're getting their workout on! Esp if you are an old creepy dude!
I said "NO THANK YOU, I have to ride my bike!"
As I said that, he did a U-Turn and went away. Wow. He went out of his way to be a lurper! Who does that?

And now time for a fun announcement.
One reason why I am so interested in getting a bike is because....... drum roll please.....
I would like to participate in a tri one day.

There I said it. :)

On August 22 & 23, my town is going to be host to the Santa Barbara Triathlon. I REAAAALLLYYY wanted to participate in the Sprint Tri, but I don't have the $$ to enter the race, buy a bike and a wetsuit (needed for the super cold ocean here). But I wanted to somehow participate, somehow be a part of it, learn from it, and just drink in the excitement of it even if I couldn't race in it.

So James and I are going to be volunteering at the event!

We will be at the first water station, handing out waters to the runners. I am so excited! Morgan over at Caution: Readhead Running recently wrote about her fun experience volunteering at a 5k race, and I can't wait to experience a race from the "other side" as well. I think this will be a great introduction for me to the world of triathlons; how transitions work, what kinds of gear people use, etc. I will be attending the expo and all, and watching the race. And maybe next year, I will have enough muscles and moolah to actually race :) For now I am totally focues on my marathon training, and getting a PR in the half in Maui. 66 more days!

Ok back to reality now. Gotta get some work done. I wish I could talk about and daydream about running and being outdoors all day. My cubicle walls are kinda depressing, haha. Again, thanks for all the great advice, and happy Thursday! We are so close to tasting the freedom that is the weekend!



  1. Ooooh, a tri! I have a secret desire to complete a tri one day... in the distance future. I know, it's sooooo freakin' expensive!

    I think volunteering is a great idea. I've done that a few times and it's so much fun being on the other side and giving back to the great running/racing/tri community!

  2. That is so awesome you're contemplating a Tri!!!

    Thanks for the shout out on the volunteering, I guarantee that you will either love it in general or at least find a whole new respect for the volunteers. Either way it's going to be a great experience. That actually inpsires me to volunteer for a TRI... then I'd have a better idea of what I'm getting myself into as well! (I have been secretly planning to do one in September) Go have a blast and make sure you chat up as many people as possible, you'll make some great new friends! (More on that later today in my 3 things thursday)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. That is totally creepy! i am afraid of people stopping in cars because I dont want to get kidnapped!! lol

  4. That's terrific! I dream of one day doing a Tri too!

    You can do it girl!

    BTW ... I love the Family Guy old man pic ... really helps you picture the creepy old dude! LOL!

  5. I think you'll pick up a lot of tips volunteering.

    Road bikes and tri bikes can get really expensive. The tri bikes are designed a little differently than road bikes. From what I understand tri bikes are angled differently taking pressure and strain off the legs. As for buying a bike you can get a decent new entry level road bike for around $600, it will be heavier than the more expensive ones and the components will be of lower quality. However, you can always start out with an entry level bike and swap out components as you get more serious about tris and/or buy a better one.

    There are some great used bikes out there, but be carefull. If you are planning on a better used bike, make sure you know the right size bike that you need and touch up on some key components to look for.

    Everyone has differing opinions about whether to start off with a nice (expensive) bike, a used one or entry level. You really just have to make the best decision for yourself. A bike is an investment. If you think you are going to ride often and continue to compete in several tris a year, than you may want to spend the extra cash upfront and get a nicer bike. If you aren't sure how things will play out than an entry level bike might not be a bad idea. I know people who have a solid entry level bike who do really well in half ironmans and often pass those with the more expensive bikes. Good luck!

  6. the difference between a tri bike and road bike are very subtle and for you a road bike is all you need. The tri bike has an angle to the tubing that makes running easier (not that easier) and the presence of "aero bars." Aero bars are the things triathletes put their elbows on make the body more aerodynamic. Again for you too much. A nice road bike has nicer parts to it; gears, brakes, etc...they have names for the different types. Here they are in ranking order from higher quality to lower quality: dura ace, ultegra, 105, tiagra, and sora. A road bike with 105 or tiagra components will be a great ride for you.

    You asked me about movies...what kind of movies are you into?

  7. super cool that you are volunteering. it is quite rewarding. leaning toward a tri myself.

    btw- the guys in that photo on my blog are "combing the desert." you must get yourself to blockbuster or netflix and rent Spaceballs. that's the movie it's from. (and now i feel old)

  8. Love your blog!
    Of course you can email me nutrition questions anytime you want! :) I also do sports nutrition consultations for weight loss/performance gains if you are interested. Have a great day!!

  9. Many people simply borrow a decent road bike if you just need it for your occasional tri.



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