Friday, July 3, 2009

Rock and bowl

On Wednesday, I fit in a workout even though it was my rest day. Why? So I can go to Rock and Bowl on Thursday. James The Awesomest set it all up for me. Thank you!

I just did a quick set of weights and 35ish minutes in the pool. And 35 GLORIOUS minutes in the sauna. OMG. The Sauna. I have always had a love affair with the sauna. Perhaps because I am a quarter Finish. They have FANTASTIC authentic saunas in Finland. But even in Tokyo, I would go to the sauna for hours with my mom. Good golly it felt good! And I am starting to feel more 'natural' in the water. I still get freaked out every time I accidentally swallow water or get water in my ears, haha.

So anyways, bowling was fun, and for some reason, I was doing super well! I think it had to do with the SUPER strong Mai Tai I drank half of and got drunk off of. Oh yeah. This party animal is.... well, not really a party animal. That's right. I'm such a lightweight I get drunk off of HALF of a drink. This explains why I hardly ever drink. Anyhoo, the Mai Tai helped me bowl a 122 game! I think that's a PR for me! I was getting Strikes and Spares left and right. But out of all my amazing bowls, James decided to secretly videotape me missing my spare.

Can you tell I'm bummed? Haha, that's some serious pouting action going on! (oh and yes, if you were curious, those ARE scrubs I am wearing. And NO, I don't work in the health care field. Oh yeah. I am SUCH the fashionista. )
And there was also a celebrity sighting at the bowling alley; Paul Walker was there.

Well I am off to the beach to enjoy my day off. I hope you all are having a bright sunny day! And happy birthday to Kainoa, Bree's super cute three year old! :)

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  1. Looks like you had fun bowling!



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