Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF and things to look forward to

TGIF everyone! Sooooo close to weekend time! I find that Fridays at the office are the worst for me. All I can think about is "T-7hours till the weekend," "T-6.75 hours till the weekend..." you get the picture.

I'm super excited for the weekend, cause tomorrow, I am going to the French Festival to eat tons of French food! Also, on Sunday, I have my first 10 mile run planned. This is exciting because it will be the longest training distance I have ever done. As B.o.B mentioned, Yay for progress!
ANNNNNND most importatnly, my OFFICIAL marathon training season begins Monday! Woo!

Recently, I won a few free sessions of Personal Training at my gym, and yesterday I had my first assessment session. It turns out that I have a weaker lower back. Surprise surprise. We are going to focus on low(er) impact plyometrics to improve my speed, and building my core and upper body strength. I have been shying away from plyometrics for a while now, because I want my legs to be fresh for my runs, but I am excited to incorporate these moves back into my routine to improve my speed for my upcoming Maui Half Marathon! And I was SO stoked that the new issue of Runner's World had a whole special section for Half Marathons! I ditched my regular lunch time walk to read the magazine cover to cover :) I especially loved the article on cheap running gear. I am Queen of Stinge, so saving $$ is like, one of my highest priorities and the fact that I'm broke.

And I am very excited that Caution: Redhead Running has given me an award! My very first one! It is the Seven Traits Award, where I list seven things about me, and pass it along to 7 more bloggers.
Since I am clearly such an interesting person, choosing only 7 things about me is extremely difficult. I mean, I could talk about myself for days on end! (haha, I'm just kidding) But anyway, here is my super interesting (I hope) list:

1. I am super duper stylistically challenged. I get dizzy and confused when I walk into a clothing store. I don't even know what fashions are popular these days. My fashion consists of running gear and clothes from high school. Oh yeah. I'm styling. If you don't believe me, check out this video from when I went bowling for my birthday party.

Yes, those ARE scrubs I'm wearing. No, I DON'T work in health care. Yes, they are super comfy. No, I DON'T care that I look silly! But I DO think that I seriously fail as a chick sometimes.

2. My favorite music genres include reggae, Hawaiian, and Jawaiian music. Thank you Bree, for the Hawaiian Mix! love it!

3. I cry everytime I watch the Sound of Music

4. One of my pet peeves is when people pronounce common Japanese words wrong. Specifically I am referring to the way people pronounce Saki, Karati, Shiitaki, Karaoki, Maitaki, etc.
It's pronounced Sa-keh, Kara-teh, Karao-keh, etc. They really aren't that hard to get right.... :)

5. I always have to sleep with my Pajama shirt tucked into my Pajama bottoms (totally embarraseed to admit this!)

6. My hair is naturally a 'fro, but no one believes me because I have had my hair chemically straightened for the last 7 years and manually straightened for 2 years before that.

7. Last one... better make it good.... um.... I get really gassy in the morning..., I like the smell of my cat... Well, I'm a proud hapa! :)

Ok now you all know too much about me haha. And here are 7 blogs I really enjoy reading
all riggggggght. Happy Friday runners!!!!
Much love,


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Good luck with your 10-miler this weekend!

  2. Ok so the French Festival looks awesome. Please eat a delish crepe with chocolate nutella for me. Love your list! Thanks for the shout out. Have a great weekend and good luck on your 10 miler.

  3. I love Friday's too - but the countdown sucks! :) Hope your 10 mile run is awesome - have fun!

    Happy Running :)

  4. Have a blast at the festival! Although I've eaten a TON of foreign food, I don't know that I've ever had French! Shame on me. Good luck in your 10-miler (you'll rock it). And go check on your Lululemon store for a run club! You would LOVE it.

  5. Have fun at the festival! I love fun activities like that! :) Your 7 facts are cute! :) Good luck with 10 on sunday girl! :)

  6. Good luck with the 10 miler! Hope it goes well and have fun at the festival!

  7. I start counting down on Monday until Friday...

    I hope the 10 miler went well. That's aweseome!1

  8. Hi! I got here from Karena's blog. Your list is cute. I love listening to reggae but have never heard of Jawaiian? Is this like Okinawa-Hawaii fusion? 10 miler - がんばって! I know a little Nihongo. :P

  9. Yay! Are you psyched for the 'official' start of marathon training?? Hope the 10 miler went well :)

    I also read that article in RW and was totally amused by the salespeople's comments - 'when asked how to look for running shoes, the salesperson said to look for a runner on the box.' BAH!



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