Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm rust-proof, and show me where you run!

I was planning on going to the gym yesterday, but my plan got derailed for two reasons.

1. I got a tetanus shot in the morning, and my whole left shoulder hurt. I felt like someone punched me with a hammer, so an upper body workout at the gym was out of the question.
2. The weather was too nice, and I didn't want to be inside a gym.
So what did my new rust-proof body decide to do?

Take my bike out for a spin, of course!
I did an easy 10.2 miles, and it felt glorious being out in the sunny evening sun. Good bye June Gloom, hello summer!

But I am really starting to want a Road Bike. I got a mountain bike because James told me he was gonna get a bike too, and we could go riding along the bluffs in my neighborhood. But James isn't going to get a bike, and mountain bikes aren't speedy. I am considering selling it and getting a road bike. Is that a smart choice or no?

Anyhoo. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their running mind games/tricks with me yesterday. Good to know I'm not the only one channeling my inner Britney/Beyonce/Lady Gaga while running! :)

I went on a walk yesterday during lunch. If I can't go for a walk during my break I get all stir crazy and can't focus all afternoon. I can't understand how some people choose to sit in a dark room and sit some more and watch TV when it is so gorgeous out. I mean, how can you sit all day...??? I love to put some reggae-ish music on my iPod and just take off for an hour.
So please listen to the song I was listening to, and step into my shoes as I take you through a photo montage of my regular walk/run path.

Floating Sneaker in lagoon. I just don't understand.... Who loses just ONE sneaker? Seriously.... Did they decide in the middle of their walk that shoes were overrated or something, and that the Swamp Monster would eat it up or something?
The underwater plant life got SO THICK in just a couple of weeks!

Hello Ocean. I try to see the ocean at least once everyday.
The bluffs where I run/walk/was planning on riding my bike with James
Some surfers
Why on earth would anyone choose to watch reruns on TV when you can watch the waves?
Look at the intricate pattern on this palm tree! Nature is so cool!
Weird fishy on a stick thing.

So there's my route. I'm really really interested in seeing other people's routes. I'm thinking it would be neat if YOU could share where YOU run on YOUR blog! I think it'll be fun!
So please....
Show us where YOU run! :)

1) I am grateful that it's already humpday. Phew!
2) I like to savor the smell of summer fruit; go smell the peaches at your grocery store. They are smelling mighty fine!
3) I am hopeful that I will find cheap plane tickets to Hawaii/Maui. Please do share if you have any tricks to score some good deals.

Adios Amigos!

Ohhh and Wing it Vegan is giving away an awesome 4-in-1 kitchen appliance. Check it out!


  1. Terrific pictures!

    LOL! I wonder what state of mind you have to be in to think that shoes are over-rated! hehehe

  2. Great photos. I am so jealous that you live that close to the water. I may be in Florida, but I am not that close to the water. I listened to your song quietly and now need a pina colada at my desk.

  3. I'm jealous too! I love running the brick streets and finding shades from the 100 year old trees during my lunch runs but, I think I could trade that for the ocean!

  4. Love me some Slightly Stoopid! Have you ever seen them in concert??? They have a lot of great songs to jam out/run/chillax to.

    Alright I've very inspired by your post, I'm going to have to snap some pics of my favorite place to run! Stay tuned!!!

    Your route is awesome by the way! I wish I could run that close to views like that!!! So jealous!!!

  5. Yes after one ride on a road bike youd be hooked. I suggest NOT getting a cheapy. You can find great deals on new or slightly used road bikes all over the place. Do some research and find the best overall bike and price you can. Then your triathlon training is on its way!

  6. I want to have those views around me! California here I come! I'm sure my new Philadelphia views will not even compare to anyone else's. I LOVE smelling the fresh fruit & flowers at the grocery store, and better yet at fresh markets! There's no better way to say 'summer's here!'. I'm glad your June gloom is done too, I think it's done out here too. Welcome humidity!

    If you've got a good mtb, I'd say keep it. You may want to try it one day! I definitely do. But I agree with Ron, don't got for a cheap road bike, I already want to upgrade and I just got mine in December!



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