Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There are inches, kilometers, hours, pounds, and Milky Way Bars

We have rulers to measure distance, a scale to measure weight, and a clock to measure time. Now I have the Milky Way bar to measure nutrition. And also McDonald's burgers.

No, I don't lay them side by side to measure how big something is. No, I don't flip it to see which side it lands on. But I DO use it as a unit to compare my food choices.

Let's say I am faced with a choice, such as "To use Ranch dressing or not." I think, "hmmm, how does it compare with a Milky Way bar?"
Now, a regular sized Milky Way bar has 260 calories, 10g of fat, 7g of Saturated fat, and 35 g of sugar. If I don't feel like the food choice I am making is nutritionally better than a Milky Way bar, I don't eat it. A serving of Ranch Dressing has 120 calories, and 12g of fat. And who uses only 2 tbsp of dressing? If I'm not careful about serving size, I could easily eat 200 calories and 18g of fat. I would never crumble up a Milky Way bar on top of my salad. But that's pretty much what I'll be doing with Ranch Dressing. Thus, my super scientific method tells me

Milky Way>Ranch Dressing=Julia doesn't eat Ranch Dressing.

Or take a Starbucks scone for example. They sure taste good, and don't seem "THAT" unhealthy. BUT, at 500 calories a pop, it is the equivalent of 2 Mickey D's hamburgers. I would never eat two hamburgers in one sitting, cause I have this mental image that

Mickey D = BAD+Instant 5lbs of jiggle added on my belly.

So again, my highly accurate and scientific formula tells me to pass up the scone.

This method of measuring nutrition can be highly beneficial, no? I mean, if I won't eat a burger of a Milky Way bar because I think they poopy stuff, why would I eat its nutritional twin?
Clearly I am onto something here. My 5 extra lbs will surely come off before Maui with this scientific method! haha.

Please tell me I am not the nerdiest nerd around who does this!

Anyhooos, now that you all know how dorky I am, let's talk about how fast I am at running to make me feel better! :)
Yesterday was 4X1200 at 10K-30 to 35 seconds pace, which for me is 7:55 ish.
I ran on the treadmill to make sure I do not run too fast/too slow.
Despite me being the crazy chick bustin a$$ and breathing like a mad horse while everyone else quietly went on with their workouts, I had a really great run! I was able to maintain my pace for all four of the repeats, and even though it felt tough, I actually had a fun run. I ended up running 4.47 miles in 40 minutes, and walked till I hit 4.7 miles. The arch and toes on my left foot started to hurt though, and it was enough to make me have to curl my toes under, which obviously affected my gait. Are my new shoes to blame? We shall see. After the tready sesh, I did some abs and some lats, and foam rolled like there was no tomorrow. It paid off though, casue today I have no noticable pain. Tightness yes, but no pain. Yay!

Today is bike ride and some stuff I gotta take care of. My life is gonna get real hectic real soon, but that's for another story.

All I can say is that thank goodness its Hump Day already! 2.5 more days to go!

later, runners! :)


  1. Your scientific method sounds absolutely reasonable to me ... but that might mean we are both nuts :) at least we are in good company ... heheh

    You are kicking BOOTY! Keep it up girl!

  2. I am dying laughing over here picturing what a salad with Milky Way crumbles would look like and all the stares you'd get. That's an excellent and rather scientific way to look at things if I don't say so myself... and because of this post I will now think in these terms by saying to myself WWJD (What would Julia Do?) :) LOL! Great post and mad props to you on the tread sess!

  3. I like that method!

    Things like salad dressings or breakfast muffins can so easily be mistaken for a healthy choice.

    Awesome interval workout! Way to bust it out on the 'mill!

  4. that method is awesome. i may have to use french fries myself. big fan. lol! great job on those sprints girl.

  5. Not nerdy at all - in fact, I quite dig it!

    Nice run Julia. But why not take it out to a track? You may not run exactly at your 10K pace, but at least you'll get better accustomed to what a pace "too fast" or "too slow" feels like come race day. Just my 2 cents.

    Ok, time for my usual mid-afternoon snack of a Milky Way dipped in Ranch.

  6. OMG love your method! I am going to start doing this!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I do the exact same thing. Except, for me everything gets converted to cans of coke (or, for that matter beer) which are both ~150 calories.

    Should I get fries or a salad with my chicken sandwhich? Well, fries are like two beers......

  8. Oh my gosh, this is so funny, your posts are cracking me up lately... AND yes, you can hold sea urchins, you just can't step on them, some of them have poison in the spikes and if they get lodged into your foot you might see some trouble :)

    I will make another cd sooner than later for you and I ate BOTH of those larabars, thank you so much, never heard of the new flavors (we are REALLY behind over here).

  9. You are too funny! Not nerdy at all. That's why I like to eating fruits and veggies. They don't have nutritional facts labeled on them.

  10. That is quite the creative method! I like it, may have to use it myself..maybe it will keep me away from the peanut butter? No? I didn't think so either. Haha, I go ape $hit on my PB/all nut butters also! (obviously). Way to hit that dreadmill for a hardcore workout, I agree with Billy, it couldn't hurt!

  11. LOL! I Love the Milky Way comparison. I'm going to start thinking like that now.

    GREAT job on your speed work - and ALL on the treadmill! Wow. I would have totally fallen on my face.

    ryc about the knee compression sleeve - it's just a $15 one from Walgreens - made by ACE. It's a simple knee sleeve with extra padding around the patella to help stabilize it. I love it. It's lightweight enough to run in, but really supports the knee. It's helping tremendously.

    Love your blog! SO CUTE!

  12. Very interesting. Hey whatever works. Actually, I think it is a great idea to relate what you are eating. Salad dressing is always killer.

  13. Love your method!!!! :) :) & your header its mad cute!! Those tights are awesome!!!!

  14. I love the food relationship game! This is a great idea.

    My big downfall is regular soda, so maybe I need to understand that any food containing high fructose corn syrup and nothing else is forbidden!

  15. Ha! That is the BEST SCIENTIFIC blabbering ever :) Love it. I'm so going to start using that. hmmm...butterfingers might be my bar of choice. Or wine. Bottle of wine or ranch? No doubt would I choose the bottle of wine :) Easy one!

    Congrats on the sweet dreadmill workout! Whoohoo! I hope I'm as fast as you one of these days!!

  16. I do something similar, only I compare it to how many miles I'd have to run to burn it off. Some times it's worth it, most of the times it's not. :)



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