Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A very hot run

I think I am finally starting to understand the whole concept of incorporating "recovery runs" and not pushing myself hard on every run. I did a 4 miler yesterday, and even though my legs were still sore from the race on Saturday, I had a really great run. I paid close attention to my heart rate and made sure I stayed in my zone. That REALLY helped my legs, because they do not hurt today. Yay!

But DANG was it hot out! It was already 5:30 PM, but it was the hottest run I've done all summer season! My face and arms are getting really red/tan, while the rest of my body is still pretty pale. Maybe I should just cut out a huge circle on my Tshirt so my tummy and back can also tan! haha.
yeah, check out my awesome drawing skills!

Sometimes though, when my legs are feeling heavy and it's not the fastest, adrenaline filled run, I have a hard time mentally staying in the run. I have a few mental and physical tricks/games that I play to help me finish the run. Here are some:
  1. Play "If I Were A Millionaire..." The point is to daydream about what I would do if I were filthy stinking rich. I then discover I am so frugal/stingy, that I don't even know how to dream big, and I fail miserably at this game, but it sure makes the time fly! :) (BTW if I were a millionaire I would pre-pay registration for as many races as possible.... but then I should be daydreaming about flying first class to all sorts of exotic race locations.... but then frugal me can't even fathom that)
  2. Pretend I am in a music video. I pretend I am sexy chica doing a slow-mo run or something. Or I start singing along. Often times out loud.
  3. Look at people's mailboxes and repeat their address in my head till I get to the next one. Pretty soon I get so "in the zone" I realize I've gone a whole block!
  4. Look for Chryslers. I drive one, so I get excited to see one. They aren't all that common. Now I realize this would be a boring game if you drive a Ferrari. You'll never see one. This game will be boring for you. Man, it must suck to have to drive one of those! :)
  5. Focus on form. I actually have to remind myself to pick up my feet sometimes. But honestly, when the run gets tough, focusing on one technique at a time makes the pain go away.
  6. Change strides for a while. I'll do 30 steps strong and fast, and 20 slower, and so on.
Do you play any mind games when you're on a run? I've also thought of getting some "books on tape" for my longer runs to keep me entertained.

Oh and I got a super special Bday present from Dad: The Magic Bullet!
It's a super cool blender/food chopper, and I am thoroughly enjoying using it. Yasi, I finally made some Green Monsters! They are surprisingly tasty! I can't wait to experiment with more flavors. Yum Yum

And since I haven't remembered to be grateful for a while, here goes:
1) I am grateful that my iPod hasn't failed on me yet (don't know how I would run without it sometimes)
2) I like to savor lazy afternoons when I get to take a nap
3) I am hopeful that this weekend will be sunny and warm!

Oh and Erica at I run Because I Can... is giving away an awesome gym bag. Check it out!


  1. LOL!

    I'm so there with you on the Millionaire thing ... but I don't know if it's because of frugality or lack of imagination on my part :\

    I LOVE THE MAGIC BULLET! I made some Ice Cream out of Frozen Strawberries and a little bit of Evaporated Milk that blew my mind :-0

    Nice thankfulness list :)

  2. I am definitely doing some of your games. I often find myself doing mathmatical equations. Which is odd b/c I hate math.

    The recovery runs are so super important. You'll really benefit if you incorporate 1 or 2 a week.

  3. Ok so I'm immature and when I first saw that you got the "magic bullet" I had to get my mind out of the gutter! LOL! I was thinking to myself, why would her dad buy her that???!?!?

    Great games! I make up weird words to breathe in rhythm to... it's really bizarre... LOL!

  4. HA! Slo-mo running!

    And that hole in the shirt might go a LITTLE too high - a boob or 2 might pop out... Just sayin....

  5. Yes - I dig those recovery runs.

    Something to try in the future...try ditching the iPod and try to fully immerse yourself in the moment during your runs every now and again. If you do go with a book on tape, can't recommend "Born to Run" enough!

    I find that I feel better in touch with my body and wherever I happen to be running (esp trails!).

  6. OMG! I totally play the "I'm the dancing chick in a music video" game! I'm usually Fergie :-)

    I also think about how amazing its going to be when my husband returns home from Afghanistan.

  7. I always ised to do books on CD when I had a long drive to work. I used to actually look forward to commuting.

    And YAY for gratitude. It really makes you appreciate all the small stuff when you just take the time to think of all the goodness in every day. Love that!

  8. Thanks for the add! I play similiar games. One I like to play is "finish line"--by imagining how good it will feel (by pretending you are crossing the finish line)---always gets me a couple more blocks and into a better running mood!

  9. Hey! I'm so glad you finally got to make a green monster! I hope it tasted awesome! Glad to hear your race report too, and I also HATE being late to things. Props to you for not killing your bf. I like your run games too, I often try to play games as well, I love being in that 'zone', it makes the time pass soo smoothly. If you ever go through with making those sweat shirts, I'll definitely order one, I've definitely got a sweating problem.

    I've just gotten in and set up with the internet here in Philly, so tomorrow night when I get a chance I'll shoot you an e-mail, so many questions! Thank you!

  10. I love those mental tricks - I'll definitely be trying some next time I'm on a run.

  11. I am always playing mental tricks on my runs! I think sometimes you just have to. Oh, I have so many tan lines it is rediculous.



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