Friday, August 7, 2009

Julia Squared

Tomorrow is Saturday! YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(*insert super tacky shimmy shimmy dance here*)

I have a super fun weekend planned, so I am anxious to get the work day over with. Only 6 more hours, but who's counting, right?

Yesterday I went on my bike ride, but I didn't go with my Garmin so I have no idea how far I rode. I've been so absent minded lately that I forgot both my sunglasses and my helmet. No Bueno! I was kinda freaking out the entire time that I was gonna end up as road kill. I did see a road kill snake though; that was seriously disgusting. I don't like bugs, but snakes scare the crap out of me even when they are smashed up and dried up on the side of the road. I got major goosebumps... I'm getting goosebumps again just thinking about it!

After the bike ride I got my fill of my Uber secret guilty pleasure: Real Housewives of Atlanta. Good golly do I love this show! (and the NY one, the NJ one, and the OC one) These women are such train wrecks and emotionally so immature, and so heavily clad in bling bling its blindening. The funniest part of it is that I got the boyf into it too. lol. Don't tell anyone though! I can watch Real Housewives all day long. It's just so oddly fascinating. I can't stop watching.

But tonight I am going to go watch something a lot more special.
I am going to watch:
Julie and Julia!
I have been looking forward to this movie very much. The main reason is because I am named Julia because of Julia Childs. I was going to be named either Monica or Erica. But while watching Julia work her magic in the kitchen while my mom was pregnant with me and couldn't eat anything but Thai food cause everything else made her sick, she thought, "Julia would be a pretty name." I'm very glad my parents decided to go with Julia, cause in my opinion, it is the coolest name ever (haha). PLUS, Julia Childs used to live in SB like me, AND I also love to cook. I told James I should have written the book, and I would have called it Julia Squared. :) I can't wait for some popcorn and a good movie!

And tomorrow we are going to the Santa Barbara FIESTA! The Fiesta is pretty much the biggest celebration here; it's a whole week long of partying. They have the BEST food stands, and you can bet your ass I am gonna be sinking my teeth into some super duper fantastic Carnitas and Churros. mmmmmmmmmm. I have been dreaming about it all year long. I promise there will be pictures!

And before I leave, I have to leave you with this little gem:
It's from Fail Blog, one of my favorite sites ever. Can you just IMAGINE looking in the mirror after going through all that pain and seeing THAT??? I just laughed for like 5 minutes straight.

Later Gators :)

PS go check out Running around Normal for a Larabar giveaway!


  1. I've been wanting to see that movie. Let us know if it is worth going to see!

  2. You always have such fun planned weekends, I love it! Julie&Julia looks wonderful and that's SO cool that you're named after her! I once was running through the canal path in Princeton and saw a HUGE black snake slither across the path in front of me, I pretty much jumped out of my skin and onto the guy I was running with. Freaky. Have fun at the fiesta and eat some delish food!!

    Thank you for the good wishes!! :o) I think I'll be pulling out some old college text books tonight for some sleepy time, good thinking!

  3. hahaha omg that picture! Ehhhh, what can ya do?! geeze. what a mess.

    Let me know what you think of that movie - it looks goood :)

  4. OMG, sweet pee! Dang.

    Have a FABULOUS weekend. Enjoy the movie. I wanna see it, but I'm sooo behind. My sister and I are going to see The Ufgly Truth on Sunday. I know, it's been out for, like, EVER.

  5. No way! It's like you were DESTINED to see this movie hehe. That's such a fun 'why my name is' story :)

    LOVE Fail blog. So bummed it's blocked at work!

  6. Your blog is so cute! I'm so glad I found it! And thanks for sharing the info for the Larabar giveaway, I love those things! Have a great weekend! XO!

  7. Hahaha, that pic is hilarious! :D
    I'd been wanting to watch that movie since I first heard of it. I'm sure it will take a while for it to be shown here though. I even read some of Julie's blog entries when she first started with the project.
    Enjoy the movie and can't wait for the review.

  8. I can't wait to hear what you think of the movie!!!

    That pic is PRICELESS!!!! :) :)

  9. LOL!!, Poor girl on the pic!!, hey!!, I was reading your blog!!, nice training's you have over there!!, very impressive stuff!! Also, very nice blog and interesting topics you cover over here!


  10. OMG I totally want to see Julie and Julia! I'm pumped.



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