Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hawai'i Part Three: A Running Post and a Super Cool Blogger

I can't believe its already been a whole week since I left Hawai'i... I guess time flies when you are busy...and sick! (I had to move out of my house the day after I got back from Hawai'i, and have been moving into my new place all week... along with fighting a mad case of the sniffles...)

But on to the fun stuff: Running!
Even though we were so busy in Hawai'i doing all sorts of non-running activities, I absolutely COULD NOT leave Oahu without at least fitting in one run! On Saturday morning, we woke up with every intention of running up Diamond Head.
Well.... 11Am rolls around and sleep>diamond head. (it WAS vacation after all)

At 1PM I told myself "now or never" and headed out for a run, even though it was brutally hot outside. I didn't have any plans about speed/distance/route. I just wanted to breathe in the Honolulu air, feel the sting of sunshine on my skin, and feel my thighs hurt, and feel my lungs burn. I headed into Waikiki, and I thought I would be the only dumbass running in the brutal heat, but was pleasantly surprised to see others who loved self-inflicted pain as well. I'm glad I fit right in!

I ran 'round the Monkey sounds coming from the zoo, and past the Aquarium. I ran on the grass most of the way, which my knees loved. But I didn't have my water bottle with me, and it felt like it was 200 degrees out. My body wanted to go longer, but my mind knew better than to risk getting stranded in a strange town without any water. So I called it quits after a quick 5K and headed home.

Let me tell you, I have NEVER sweat so much running just a 5K. It literally looked like I went for a swim after I came home.

Click here for Image Source for the zoo photo

And now I have a really fun running story.
I got to meet a super awesome running blogger!

A couple of months ago, I had emailed Frayed Laces a few questions about life in Hawai'i.
She was so nice and emailed me back some really great tips and advice about her experiences, and I hoped we would be able to meet up real quick while I was in town.
I was staying with James and his mom in Hawai'i, and they mentioned that there was a girl student living downstairs who ran lots of marathons and triathlons....
On a hunch I sent her an email.... and turns out it was Miss Frayed Laces herself! Haha. What are the chances, right? (you can read the totally non-creeper status email I sent her on her blog)

Look at all those bibs and medals! Definitely a great inspiration!
It was so cool to meet her and chat about training, getting used to the heat in Hawai'i, and unusual athletic apparel in Japan. She is preparing for a marathon in December too, and if you've never checked out her fabulous blog, you must!
Yay for blogging buddies! :)

In other Hawai'i running news, James and I also finally did manage to drag our a$$es out to run up Diamond Head. Well, parts of it anyways! (A lot of the climb to the top consists of stairs) I've climbed Diamond Head a couple of times before, and each time, my breath gets taken away by the view from the top. (videos of Diamond Head coming soon!)

I promise I am not a creeper!

Nor a monkey!
Le sigh.... I miss Hawai'i already! :)

And for now, it's back to the grind and back to training.... as soon as I can breathe again! I have taken 8 whole days off of any form of training. (At least I got a lot of exercise from moving!) I really want to jump right back into training, but not before I battle some mucus. Ew.
It's T minus 2 months till M-Day (marathon day), so it is crunch time!!!!

I'll be back with some fun news about some upcoming races! Till then, my friends :)


  1. FL lives downstairs from where you are saying! What a cool and crazy coincidence!

    Love the photos. Hawaii sounds amazing.

  2. OMG I am SO JEALOUS you got to meet FL!!! She is my hero! So frigging cool!!!

    Your pics are amazing, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!

    Feel better and get back out on the road, it misses you!!! :)

    T-minus 2 months! YAY!!!!!

  3. I'm totally jealous you got to see the FL wall of fame! :o)

  4. Very cool that you got to meet FL!! Looks like you had a great trip. Happy training.

  5. That's so neat that you got to meet her! It really is SUCH a small world. I LOVE love the top you're wearing in the Diamond Head picture, where's it from? Happy training! And feel better soon.

  6. Wow, SMALL WORLD! Very fun to meet other bloggers :) And I think your "break" from training is more than deserved - you guys were all over the place on that vacation of yours!

  7. The blogosphere is a small world :P

    Love the pics!

  8. Now THAT is a vacation. Sighs deeply. Maybe one day for me and the family.

    Love the active component of the vacay. When we go to Aspen every year, it just makes you want to be outside, be active, breathe the air and feel alive. Great Trip...

  9. What a small world! I will have to check out her blog.

    I sooo have to make it to Hawaii someday. I keep saying that i want to, but there is never enough time! Maybe I should just sign up for a marathon there...that would force me to go. :)

    I love your pics. And I love that top that you are wearing!

  10. WOW! That is crazy that you were staying in the same building. (I would have been crazy nervous about reaching out - esp being a guy....trying to not look like a creeper)

  11. What a fun meet-up! I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers!
    Sounds like HI is amazing! I'm super jealous!

  12. How freakin cool is that? You got to meet FL AND go to Hawaii. Very sweet indeed.

    Hope you are feeling better. :)



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