Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sir Phlegm-a-Lot

Go ahead, say it with me.




Fu-leggghhhh -um


The word sounds as ugly as it looks. It's just as ugly as my other "least favorite" word: wharf.

Last night's run; my first run in over a week, went well.... except for the phlegm.
I guess I should be grateful that I was able to run at all, without my nose running down my cheek, or collapsing in a fit of coughs... but running with phlegm sure is nasty.
It's like I had a thick wad of phlegm gathering strength and growing in size in the back of my throat with each step I took. No matter how much water I drank, or tried to snot rocket it out, it just sat there, taunting me and threatening to cut my run short.

But Ha!
I won! Victo-reeeeeeee!!!!!!
Take that, you nasty phlegm!

In more serious news, the run was pretty good. I was worried if my legs would remember what to do, if my lungs could handle a sudden rush of air (I've been congested all week, so my lungs were probably not getting enough air the entire time), or if my knees would hold up to the pounding again. But they did. Thank goodness.

I set out with the goal of running 4-5 miles. 2.5 miles in and I was ready to call it quits, so I did what I always do when the running gets tough: play games in my mind. This time, the game was called "guess how many steps it takes to run 0.1 miles?"
(answer: 120-140 steps)
This game took me to 3.5 miles. And I promise, it's a lot more fun than it sounds... oh man, I just gave away to the world how boring I truly am... my "fun" persona cover has been blown...

From there, I realized I was almost home, and then more energy suddenly kicked in. Miles 4.5-5 was a sprint and I was done!! It was a bit slower and tougher than I was hopin' for, but no complaints. It was a good first run back. Time to get back into the swing of things!

In other random news:
  1. Whole Foods is FINALLLLYYYY opening in my city today. I have been waiting for this day for 4 years. And no, I am not exaggerating.
  2. I am going to go see the movie Food, Inc tomorrow. I'm so intrigued.
  3. James and I are running another Half Marathon at the end of the month. This one is going to be just for fun; no racing, just having fun. More details to follow.(hint: there shall be wine)
  4. My game plan till M-Day (less than two months...yikes!) coming soon as well.
  5. 16 miler ALL BY MYSELF this weekend.....gahhhhhh!
Have a humpalicious day!


  1. already on the downslope of the week here on the east side usa!! have a great 16 miles this weekend- solo runs are special adventures of your self

  2. LMAO! I'm glad you made it through the run, phlegm and all!

    Another Half??? Someone's got the running bug hard core!

    First solo long run?!?! I suggest mapping out a scenic route with lots of motivating tunes on the iPod.

  3. Phlegm is probably the grosses word ever...except for moist, blech!
    Sounds like you have a much more exciting week planned than I do. Enjoy Food Inc!, and congrats on Whole Foods opening in your city! Yay!

  4. "Humpalicious" Love it!! Hey I am running a 1/2 on Halloween too.. Will add you to my High Five Friday list..

    Your 16 Miler will be GREAT!!

  5. I've never liked the word "wharf" either - it sounds like another word for VOMIT.

    AWESOME job pushing through the run. Oooh, another half coming up? And wine? Sign me up!

  6. LOL. I enjoyed your snot rocket post. Cold season is officially here!

    Glad that you made it through your run. I play games in my head to get me through tough runs as well.

    Can't wait to hear about your half training!

  7. hahah!! yes, Phlegm is a terrible word!! :)

    Cant wait for more details about a 1/2 Marathon involving WINE!! I need more info, ASAP!

  8. ha phlegm is awful - as a word and a symptom. EW. grab a decongestant!

    half marathons should Always involve wine - this sounds fabulous! :)

  9. I typically get the opposite of phlegm, my nose just runs and runs incassently. Honest to God I used to stick tampons up my nostrils in late October- early November of field hockey season because it was that bad! Yay to Whole Foods! I get more excited about grocery stores nowadays than clothing stores.

  10. It's interesting you mentioned the # of steps...I was running with my coach the other day and he mentioned a technique for me to use when the last part of the marathon gets tough. It involves counting steps for certain amounts of time then increasing the steps taken in that time...then repeating. If that made any sense...

  11. That games sounds fun to me too. I often count or do math in my head, eventhough I am terrible at it! LOL!

    Hope the yuck word is gone soon!

    Pics from Chicago for sure!!!

  12. Good luck on the 16! Hope the lungs hold out

  13. one word. awful.

    I pray you do not have this awful word on your 16 miler this weekend... because um, it would not be fun! GOOD LUCK

  14. Another half? Good luck, and hopefully your phlegm friend won't come with.

    And the excitement over a new Whole Foods is completely understandable and well deserved!

  15. My husband has been phlemy this week, and it's sooooo gross.

    GOod luck with your upcoming races!



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