Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just to prove that I'm not always Negative Nancy

Just to prove that I'm not always Negative Nancy:

Two days of p!ssing pouring rain = free car wash

Running 5 miles on the hatemill treadmill = free freak show entertainment at the gym

Tons of Halloween candy in the office = layer of blubber to keep me warm without a sweater

A gift certificate to the movies = free date night tomorrow!

Ok ok, so the last one is a joke; nothing negative about free gift certificates! :)

Since July, I've managed to do all of my runs outside. Clearly, I have been spoiled by the beautiful weather, because when it rained on Tuesday and I had to do my run on the ever-spinning-torture-machine that some crazy people call the "treadmill," I decided I'd rather be getting my wisdom teeth removed.

Ok maybe it wasn't that
bad. But I have this one issue that makes treadmill running really difficult for me.
See that handle bar that goes straight across? (I've indicated it with that arrow, just in case, haha) That little guy over there makes treadmill running really awkward for me. It seems that the height of that bar coincides DIRECTLY with where my arms swing when I run. This means that I purposely need to raise my shoulders and swing my arms higher as I run, or I will end up treating that bar as a punching bag and get bloody knuckles. Altering my natural arm swing over 4-5 miles causes some major shoulder and neck discomfort.

This is the only treadmill option available for me, and with winter and crappy weather fast approaching, I am going to need to start running on the treadmill again.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I some sort of freak of nature destined to be enemies with the treadmill forever?

In other fun news, I swear, the gym never fails to crack me up. Just last night, I saw a guy doing hundreds of sit ups in.... get this: denim and a leather belt.
What the....? I mean, have you ever tried doing any sort of exercise in your jeans? It is DANG uncomfortable. And a leather belt on top of that? Man, that dude probably has a permanent dent in his back from doing so many sit ups on his belt! Why would you do that to yourself? If you forgot your shorts, you can borrow a pair at the front desk! Ouch!

Oh well. Dispite my best efforts, my inner Negative Nancy shone through. I blame it on the rain. But hey! Tomorrow's Friday, and we are finally getting a ray of sunshine after 48 hours! That's always something to celebrate :) Have a good one!


  1. Free date night is always a bonus. I don't have that problem with the dreadmill and I think it's probably b/c of my height. I am 5'8. Invest in some cold weather running gear and head outdoors. (Easy for me to say in FL right?)

  2. I mainly run outside but the treadmills are a lot longer than they seem... you can probably run nearer the rear of the belt and be just fine. Don't put tension up in their in your shoulders!

  3. haha! yayy for candy-induced blubber. I'm WITH YOU on that one.

    I hit that bar all the time! If I don't pay attention I actually "run" into it - uhhh?! I don't despite the treadmill runs Too much, but havent' stepped on one since MAY so...could be an interesting reunion.

  4. Ohhh, ANNOYING! I'd suggest moving further back but I'd hate to see you go flying off the back. ;)

  5. I think the reason why I look like a praying mantis when I run is because I run on that dang treadmill so much and have to scrunch!

    All that rain is now in NJ..luckily we're getting 5 straight days of it, not 2! Bleh.

  6. haha no you're not alone! I used to hit that thing ALL the time, but I think it's a sign you might need to up the speed so you're not running so close?

    boo to the rain. it's been raining all day here :(

  7. Oh, the treadmill . . . I have problems running into the front or running on the side. Both are annoying when they occur. I think running back further would help, but I worry about falling off if I run too far back.

  8. I used to be so in love with the treadmill but i think this year i might bundle up and keep running outside. i can hardly force myself to run on it anymore.

    i love free movie tickets and dates too!!!

  9. You're much better at looking at the bright side than I am! :)

  10. OMG! I can't stop laughing! This is a great post... can't believe the guy in jeans & a leather belt doing crunches?! Seriously?? -cw



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