Friday, October 16, 2009

OK so now I know why people run with toilet paper

So I've heard of sharting, where you... you know.

But what is it called when you... um... fart and... um... pee a little at the same time?

peert? farine? what is it?

And just so you know, I'm only asking this cause it happened to my friend, and s/he wanted to know what it's called.

Ok ok who am I kidding, right? haha :)

Don't worry, it wasn't anything too embarrassing. I was running alone on a trail, I was already completely drenched from sweat, and it's not like I peed my pants. haha.
But I now understand why people run with TP. Though I hope I never have to find a bush to do more than pop a squat in....!!

Um yeah. Ok let's stop with the TMI shall we?

So let's back track on this "farine" inducing run. It finally stopped raining yesterday, so there was no way in hell I was going to go run on that torture device. It was warm so I wanted to run on the bluffs by the beach.... which turned out to be muddy as F, but that was fine by me cause it forced me to slow the heck down. Actually, it was kind of fun playing a game called "Don't slip and fall and look like you just shat your pants". Seriously. I am 5 years old. Ive aceepted it :)

Other than the whole slip and slide thing going on, and the intense humidity, it was a really fun run. My knees were feeling good, it was fun to watch the dogs play in the mud, and fun to run by other walkers/runners. At one point I raced this other guy who was running. For some odd reason, whenever I see a younger guy running, I feel the need to race him. I don't get this competitive urge with other girls. I think it's because not to be sexist or offensive, but I feel particularly fast when I beat some dudes. Unfortunately, after half a mile of racing him, I couldn't quite catch up, so I fell back to my own regular pace. But it sure was an exciting half mile!

The one sad thing is that I think I am going to have to put a 5-mile limit on my after-work runs. By the time I am done, it is near pitch black outside. I know it's only 6 or 7 pm, so it's not technically "late", but I don't feel comfortable running alone in the dark. I do live in a really safe neighborhood, but you never know with these things. But with only 1.5 more months to go till the marathon, I think I will be OK with my 5 mile runs.

Other than that, it's Friday folks! This means that I am going to run my 18 miler this weekend. Holy smokes! 18 miles is an intimidating #, but this week, I have James to run with again. Wish us luck :)


  1. hahaha! that's too far i haven't had that problem but i know it is bound to happen at some point!!!

  2. LOL

    I have only had the...gaseous issues...but not pefarninineneni...or whatever you call it, yet!! LOL cracks me up! I, too, am running away/into/around my quarter life crisis :) Just ran my first marathon this past april...not a good experience, so I am restarting this coming february with the huntington beach half :) Can't wait to hear more, this is my first time stopping by!

  3. OMG that link, I am still laughing!! haha!

    I can relate to your "farine" incident, but after birthing two big babies, my bladder hates me anyways. LOL! There's never TMI in running, right?

  4. I've been having trouble fitting in any decent mileage after work too. It's already darkening on my way home. Sad.

    LOL @ the farine thing. Totally done that...



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