Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spur of the moment racing

I did two new things on Sat:

1) Decide to run a race the morning of
2) show up to/run/finish the race all by myself

I decided running a race would be a much more fun way of getting a run in. I wanted James to run it with me too, but the waves were too good, apparently, so he went surfing instead. Since when are waves>running, anyways? ;)

The race was the UCSB Turkey Trot "10K". I honestly didn't even notice the fact that I was there all alone until after I registered, and had a bunch of time to kill by myself. In college or high school, I would have felt totally awkward and insecure showing up to something all by myself like that, but on Sat, I felt completely at ease just hanging out with me, myself, and I.
My, my. My little Julia's all grown up. Tear.

I ran 1.5 miles to warm up, and just kind of hung out near the starting area stretching and such. Right before the race, there was a group warm up exercise led by a local personal trainer. Unlike in Maui, this warm up was very well organized and executed. The instructor had us "jacking" and squatting and push-upping. "If you're tired already, you're in trouble!" she yelled at one point, and I had to gulp... but apparently others felt the squats too, as one girl yelled back "Oh no! I'm in trouble!" I love small races. Everyone feels more comfortable and just wants to have fun.

The course was actually very poorly thought out, in my opinion. First of all, the first 2 miles is very hilly. (Pansies like me don't like hills!) Second, they had us running on this trail which is hardly wide enough for one person. What made it worse is that they had us running back along the trail, which meant that the faster people had to cross the slower people on a trail that's not wide enough for even one person. Even worse was that some people were running with their dogs. Without leashes. Ugh. (BTW, it's cool that races allow people to run with dogs/strollers/etc. But leashes should be mandatory!) This made it difficult to pass anyone, or run fast. Good thing I wasn't racing, as this would surely have pissed me off.

The other bad thing about the race was that they didn't have an aid station until mile 5. The weather was in the upper 70's without the cloud in the sky. I was DYING of thirst by that point. Seriously DYING. Who puts the one and only aid station at mile 5?

The "10K" ended up being 6.75 miles. Again, good thing I wasn't going for time! In the last quarter mile or so, I made a new friend. I discovered he is also running the Santa Barbara marathon; he's running it as a relay, and he is running the last leg. In my opinion, the last leg is the best, because you're the one who gets to cross the finish line!) We ended up crossing the finish line together. Race friends make me happy :)

I left right after I finished to pick up James by the beach, so I have no idea what my time was. I don't even care. I had fun. I ran. That's all that matters :)

Here is the Race Shirt and freebies I scored: Jelly Bean Sport Beans. I'm excited to try them. I actually love the race shirt. I love the brown trim!

After the race, I absolutely refused to stay indoors. I mean, it was 70+ degrees out, without a cloud in the sky! The best thing to do? Go for a shoreline walk!

It doesn't look it, but this sammie was gigantor.

And then we met the most acrobatic puppy ever:


We ended up walking 4.5 miles, which brought my total mileage to close to 13 miles. Oops. So much for tapering! But it's ok, cause I am not gonna even have time to work out this week.

Bring on the turkey and gravy, baby :)


  1. What a random race? Good job becoming a big girl! :) LOL! Way to have fun and what great pics after! Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. What an awesome weekend all around!

    Great idea to run a race, just for fun. CRAZY that dogs were off-leash! EEk!

  3. Congrats on doing your first race all by yourself! That was how I met a TON of people when I first moved to Hawaii.

  4. Wow, what a setting! I had my chilly dawn in Central Park on Saturday, but haven't posted the pic yet. Yours looks a lot warmer!

  5. NICE! SO jealous of that weather and view!

  6. i used to get so nervous to go to races in hs too! now i feel like a pro and am like pshhh i'm a marathoner! watch out! hahaha :)

    glad you went and raced- sounds like you had fun! i just realized your race is the same day as mine- i'm flying out to california to run the CIM in sacramento! so cool we will be running marys on the same day! wahoo!

  7. 6.7 for a 10k?!! that's crazy - certainly won't be seeing any PRs with that one, geeeeze.

    looks like an absolutely Gorgeous day!!

    happy thanksgiving tomorrow! :)

  8. Great job in the race!! I have gone to all 4 of my races this year, alone, and I have met a ton of great people! It's not as hard as you think it is at first.



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