Thursday, November 19, 2009

OK Now I've Seen it All

Seriously. The gym never ceases to entertain me. I mean... I thought people watching in Tokyo was fun, but lately the gym has had an endless supply of interesting views.

(Of course, Tokyo will always rank #1 in my mind. Where else can you walk in to a 7-11 and see two girls dressed in full body hamster costumes on a regular Thursday, see this, see boys shopping for beauty products, and ladies in kimonos all in the same glance?)

You already know about the guy doing hundreds of sit ups in denim jeans and a leather belt.
Since then, I have seen:
  1. a guy running on the treadmill (not just jogging, but RUNNING) in full length jeans and a belt and non-running shoes (why, why, why..... or more importantly, how, how how???)
  2. An older woman walking on the treadmill in daisy duke denim shorts and platform sneakers....(WTF)
  3. A middle aged man in the tightest, tightest tights shorts doing hip thrusts endlessly.
    And I should also mention that his hip thrusts are done in fast-forward speed. Awkward.
    I should also mention that his tights are usually gray, and it is so tight that it perfectly outlines every contour of his..... um.... package. And his t-shirt is too short. Um.... did I mention Awkward? Oh, and trust me, I've heard other girls complaining about him too.
  4. Way too many visible panty lines.
hmmm. Maybe this means I should stop spending so much time at the gym!

In other gym news, spin class last night was bomb! I was finally able to give it my all on the bike, since I didn't have to "save" my muscles for a run. The instructor played two Gaga songs, so I was a happy camper.

In other TMI news, tonight I have to finally deep clean my entire bathroom. This weekend, my bathroom decided to explode on me. Literally shit was coming out of my shower drain and my toilet, flooding my entire bathroom. Deliciousness. I've been avoiding my shower and staying with James and showering at the gym instead. Time to bust out that Chlorine! If you have any great cleaning product recommendations, please do share! I have never had to clean up such a mess before.

All right. Peace.


  1. My best cleaning recomendation that I use? A maid. There are women just as guilty of being out of shape at the gym and wearing clothes too revealing for what they look like. But it is very much as you stated .... entertaining. I connected through another blog.

  2. Ohhh boy, sounds like some characters at your gym! HAHAHA! Definitely some TMI.

    Good luck with the bathroom. Eek! :/

  3. Time to de-lurk myself b/c weirdos at the gym is my favorite topic...
    My two favorites: 1. a lady (who can't be completely sane) who shows up in an all out 80's style aerobic get-up (briefs over leggings...) and 2. an older lady who sets the treadmill way faster than she can comfortably run, hangs on with on hand for dear life and gyrates the other arm in a circle. I have NO idea what she's doing.
    Oh, and the old man in too tight too short spandex...he goes to my gym too. ewww.

  4. LMAO at this post! LOVE IT! TMI but HILARIOUSNESS!!!!!!!! Good luck with the bathroom girl!

  5. i really need to get a membership at a gym. your entertainment sounds great! i would never be bored working out if there was so much people watching to be done! :) i hope your shower gets fixed soon!!!

  6. Not only the gym...I went to pick up my friend the other day and saw a guy running in a long sleeved shirt, jeans, belt, non-running shoes and cap. He had earphones in, bu tit was SO odd. HOW UNCOMFORTABLE! It takes all kinds I guess!

  7. Spin class rocks and I try to give it my all even when training, but sometimes the legs don't have much to give!

    Um what kind of gym do you go to?

    And on the bathroom light a match and pretend you NEVER saw who started the first. EEK that would gross me out too much!

  8. Number 2 would have totally cracked me up; number 3 would've had me giggling so inappropriately! haha that is ridiculous!



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