Friday, October 9, 2009

Who wants to run in costume with me?

I was just about to write one of the most dramatically negative cries ever, but realized it was Friday morning, and decided to reevaluate and reword. Here it is:

I WILL be able to conquer 16 miles this week, even though I have a blister on both feet. Heck, even the biggest blister I have ever seen is not going to stop me! And who cares if I can't even walk normally right now? I can use the pain as motivation to run faster, so I can finish the run faster!

....right? Please remind me of this positive thinking crap again, when my feet start bleeding and I am crying and whimpering on a street curb all by myself this weekend.
...just kidding. I hope.

Well, so I guess that pretty much sums up last night's 5-miler. It was a very good run; one of my fastest training runs, and everything went well.... except for the blisters from hell. (I was going to post a photo of it, but decided to spare you a gagging sesh so early in the morning)
I am guessing it has to do with the shoe/sock combo I was wearing. Last time I wore that particular combo I got a blister on the same spot. It also reminded me that it's finally time to go buy some new running shoes. I finally have enough dough, so I think I will go get a pair tonight or tomorrow.
Oh well. So there you have it. What'ya gonna do, right? Complaining isn't gonna make it heal any faster. (Sorry James, for complaining about it non-stop last night!)

My next race:
As I announced previously, I am running another Half Marathon with James at the end of the month.
This HM is just purely for fun; it involves anew city, lots of wine, lots of friends (we hope), and a chance to run in different scenery.

A half marathon with wine...? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

So what kind of a race is it? It's the:
If you ever read my first ever post, you'll see that I ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon. Both of these races are put on by the same people (they have a third HM up in Napa somewhere too). You run through various vineyards, and there is a huge wine tasting party afterward. And let me tell you; knowing there's unlimited wine at the finish line is a great motivator! haha.

The Healdsburg HM is up by Sonoma, and it is going to be on Halloween! James and I are currently thinking of fun costumes to run the HM in. Suggestions are more than welcome! :)

If anyone is running this race, lemme know! And registration is still open, so you can still sign up :) And if you need more inspiration, check out this video. Tell me it doesn't look like the best idea ever!

There's other races too, that I am hoping to run before the Marathon in December. I find that racing keeps me motivated to run and train hard. Hey, whatever works, right?

Well, that's all for now folks.
I hope every one has a marvelous Friday, and a big shout out to all the bloggers running Chicago this weekend! Woo! I'm rooting for each and every one of you! Best of luck, and remember to have fun and savor the experience :)

Adios amigos
PS-my take on Food, Inc coming soon!


  1. Go get 'em this weekend! You can and you will get it done. :o)

    That looks like a great HM. I'm a sucker for anything race with a cute logo.

  2. You can do it, Julia! Pain is temporary!

    Okay, that HM sounds AMAZING. Wish I was closer!!

  3. I've spent a ton of time looking into the HM in Healdsburg and would love to do it, problem is I can't find anywhere to stay within like 5 miles that doesn't cost an arm and a leg :( and it is definitely too far to drive over that morning so I may be SOL. Sad times because it looks like an amazing and really fun race and I'd love to be running it with a fellow blogger.

  4. I am always inspired by people who run - I am trying so hard to become a runner, but running is just really hard for me! I don't think I am in as good of shape as I thought I was!

  5. Bummer, I wish I saw this earlier. They sell mole skin band aids that are basically the most awesome thing ever. They totally make all blisters seemingly disappear. Hopefully the run went well.

    You HAVE to post pictures of the HM! :)



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